Justice for University of London Workers!

Placard: "If outsourcing is such good value for money, outsource management!"Solidarity with workers at University of London who are going on strike on November 21 for in-house contracts, secure hours, and pay rises to various staff.

These workers, made up of security guards, porters, cleaners, and receptionists, are organized with their trade union Independent Workers of Great Britain.

Students from various London unis have started a solidarity campaign, Justice for University of London Workers, which has already been formally supported by Students’ Union UCL.

We call on students and others in the community to support this campaign and get involved!

What can you do?

More information about the dispute can be found here.

Motion: Justice for University of London workers

Please adapt this motion as appropriate for your union and propose it to a general meeting, council or other democratic decision-making forum in your union!

Students’ Union notes

  1. Workers at the University of London (UoL, of which [your university] is a part) are campaigning against unjust working conditions. They want an end to discriminatory outsourcing and insecure zero hour contracts, respect at work, and the pay rises UoL promised them 6 years ago.
  2. Most of them are on low wages, with some having to work 70-plus hours per week to get by. If UoL had kept its pay promises, security guards for instance would be earning 25% more.[1]
  3. These workers are disproportionately BME, women and migrants. Tackling low pay and precarity are necessary to closing the discriminatory gaps in our university.
  4. They have tried negotiating, and have now been forced to begin calling strikes as the university managers aren’t listening.
  5. Students from [your university] and other UoL institutions have come together to set up a student and community support campaign, Justice for University of London Workers.[2]
  6. Our union has a record of solidarity for workers at the University of London, and they have reciprocated with support for our campaigns against fees.

Students’ Union believes

  1. The workers’ demands are right and this injustice is a stain on our university community. It is wrong that senior managers get exorbitant salaries and outsourcing companies’ bosses get their pockets lined while poorer workers are subject to these conditions.
  2. Solidarity between students and university staff is a reciprocal relationship that vitally helps our own campaigns too.
  3. Workers fighting against low pay and precarity push up conditions in the whole labour market, so while students are also struggling in exploitative jobs we have an interest in supporting campaigns like this.

Students’ Union resolves

  1. To support this campaign by the UoL workers through their union, the IWGB, and the student and community solidarity campaign, Justice for UoL Workers.
  2. To support campaign action by the workers and student supporters, including industrial action, protests, lobbying and direct action.
  3. To promote a fundraising campaign for the workers’ strike fund.
  4. To use our communication channels, including all-student emails, to inform students of the campaign and future campaign events, and to encourage them to get involved.
  5. For a representative of the Students’ Union to send an email to the Vice Chancellor of UoL, Adrian Smith, calling on him to meet the demands of the campaign.


[1] https://www.facebook.com/uoliwgb/

[2] https://www.facebook.com/JusticeforUOLWorkers/

Protest at the murder of Shahrokh Zamani


NCAFC is an internationalist organisation. Last year we were involved in the campaign for the release of Shahrokh Zamani, an Iranian trade unionist jailed for his role in attempting to build an independent workers’ movement (see http://anticuts.com/2014/04/25/student-activists-from-across-the-uk-demand-release-of-shahrokh-zamani from April 2014).

We have received the very bad news that Shahrokh was found dead in his prison cell last month. We send our sympathies and solidarity to his comrades, who continue his struggle in the face of a murderous and repressive state.

We must do what Iranian workers’ organisations have called for: “Turn Shahrokh Zamani’s death into a banner of workers’ solidarity and unity”

NCAFC will continue to support the struggles of students and workers in Iran, and around the world.

Please add your or your group’s name to the statement below. To do so email [email protected]. Please also circulate the statement as widely as possible!


We write in protest at the killing of trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani by the Iranian state.

Having been jailed in 2011 for his involvement in working to establish independent trade unions in Iran, Shahrokh was subjected to prolonged physical and psychological abuse. He was found in his cell on 13 September 2015.

In memory and honour of Shahrokh we will continue to fight for the freeing of all jailed trade unionists and labour activists in Iran, and for the British labour movement and student movement to step up their solidarity with the Iranian working class.

Ronnie Draper, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union
Christine Blower, National Union of Teachers General Secretary
Sally Hunt, University and College Union General Secretary
John Burgess, candidate for Unison General Secretary
Shelly Asquith, National Union of Students Vice President Welfare
Rida Vaquas, Young Labour Under 19s Officer
Hannah Webb, NUS NEC
Patrick Murphy, NUT Executive
Rob Lugg, Chair, BECTU LGBT Committee
Megan Dunn, NUS President
Christopher Roche, Bath University and College Union Vice President
Janine Booth, Co-Chair, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee
Monty Shield, NCAFC National Committee 
Andrew Berry
Pete Firmin, chair, Brent Trades Council
Matt Aitch
Daniel Randall, RMT London Transport Region Young Members’ Officer
Liam McNulty, Labour Young Socialists committee
Vinothan Sangarapillai, Camden Unison (pc), Camden Trades Council (pc)
Ben Towse, NUS Postgraduate Committee