Victory as threat of protests cause Lib Dems to abandon conference

London Liberal Democrat MPs were due to hold a conference in London tomorrow, but abandoned their plans when two venues canceled on them for fear of protests organised by the Progressive Students Campaign, and other anti-cuts organisations.

They were due to hold the meeting at the Haverstock school in north London, but the headteacher canceled it when it became clear that student and anti-cuts campaigners planned to protest.

So they moved it to the Royal Horticultural Halls, before realising that protesters had cottoned on – and changed their plans, organising to protest at the new venue instead. The new venue then canceled on them, and the conference has had to be moved to a date in February.

This is a important victory – if we can shut down their conferences before the vote, imagine what will happen on 9 December!



• A protest at Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams’ office forced him out of his surgery to speak to protesters. He ruled out voting in favour of fees, but angered students by refusing to say whether he would abstain or vote against.
• Leeds Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland, has called for the 9 December vote not to be taken saying he “considers that the proposed motion should not be moved as the Government has failed to convince many people that its proposals will be fair and sustainable”.
• Former Lib Dem PR chief Olly Grender said the Liberals’ position on fees was “a real mess and I can’t deny that”
• The annual general meeting of Islington Liberal Democrats voted to write a letter to party leaders to express opposition to fee increases