NCAFC National Conference will be on 13-14 December – save the date!


This autumn we may well see a major wave of action from students for free education, against fees cuts and debt. We need action now to save education – demos, walkouts, occupations and more.

But action can’t happen in isolation. It needs to be co-ordinated nationally and it needs to be democratically agreed. That is why NCAFC exists.

NCAFC’s National Conference is where we students from all over the country come together to discuss the progress of the struggles for free, just and democratic education, and to democratically plan action in the months to come. We also elect a National Committee to coordinate things for the coming year. There will be workshops, discussions, debates and votes as well as caucus meetings of our liberation campaigns.

The date has been set for the weekend of 13-14 December, so put it in your diaries! Attendance, as ever, will be free of charge. More details will be released as the venue is confirmed and other arrangements are made.

In order to attend NCAFC conference, you will need to be a member. Joining costs just £1, and can be done online or by post.

Noam Chomsky supports Aberystwyth occupiers

Occupiers at Aberyswyth University have received a message of solidarity from Noam Chomsky. Aberystwyth University went into occupation on February 22nd in protest against the ongoing marketisation of higher education in the UK and the lack of transparency and political engagement of senior management at Aberystwyth University specifically. The full message can be read below:

“The attack on public education in the US and UK — higher education in particular — may bring short-term benefits to small sectors of concentrated wealth and power, but it is a very serious blow to the population at large, and to prospects for a decent society in the future. The protestors [sic] in Aberystwyth — like those in Tahrir Square, Madison Wisconsin, and many other parts of the world — are in the forefront of global struggles for basic rights, freedom, and democracy, and merit full and committed support.”

Fb: Occupied Aberystwyth

Aber Students Against Cuts

Aberystwyth Re-occupied! Day 5

We have occupied Hugh Owen A12/A14 in opposition to the decimation of higher education in the United Kingdom. We act in solidarity with all those facing the barbaric and unnecessary cuts across society. We reject the idea that the cuts are necessary and recognise that they are motivated out of political choice rather than economic necessity. 

We recognise that the space we occupy is ours and as such we have made it a place where critical thinking and dialogue occurs, involving all in the university and the general public. As part of this we are committed not to disrupting the ongoing lectures happening. We occupy in solidarity with future generations, fellow occupiers and movements across the globe. 

We recognise a burning need for participatory democracy within the university, and many students feel marginalised by the management. We feel this occupation raises awareness of our campaign not only to students, but to senior management. We believe that in the spirit of academia the university management should engage in open and public dialogue and debate willingly. This will ensure that the students see the university management as acting in their interests and not following the government in market-driven policy.

We reject the idea that “we’re all in this together” when the ideologically driven cuts will affect the poorest and the vulnerable the hardest, while large corporations and the rich avoid taxes successfully. 

We reject the idea that knowledge is a commodity, and believe these austerity measures are neither progressive nor just.

Please send messages of support and solidarity to [email protected]

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‘Teenage Riot’ Part I

VICE’s TV production arm have put together a new film about the student protests entitled Teenage Riot. In the film VBS followed the progress of the largest period of civil unrest in England since the 80s, available in 5 parts all this week, the full length film will be available next week at Check it out here

Solidarity to the Birmingham students facing disciplinary action!

Ten University of Birmingham students are facing disciplinary action that could lead to expulsion after a peaceful sit-in that ended with forceful eviction by university security and the police.

Read all about it here

EAN and NCAFC support February 5th anti-fascist protest in Luton

The student protests and nationwide days of action this year have been hugely successful not only in their resistance to the coalition’s plans to raise tuition fees and cuts, but also in being one of the most diverse student movements in history. Thousands of students and education workers across gender, ethnic, and religious divides have come together to send a clear message to the coalition that we will fight for our right to education and future generations.
The diversity of the movement must be cherished, particularly in times of economic crisis. The Education Activist Network and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts will support local and national anti-fascists groups on February 5 in Luton in opposition to the English Defence League. We would like to invite students and education workers to join us on the day to show our solidarity in the fight against racism.
We say
* Drive racists off our streets!
* Unite and fight – demand decent education, jobs and services for all!

Solidarity from students in Bulgaria

A letter of support for British students fighting government policy to increase tuition fees has been issued by Bulgarian student group Studenski Glas.

The letter was posted through the International Students’ Movement, a global network of students fighting for free and emancipatory education.

It reads as follows:

Dear friends,

We have been following the current situation in the UK with great interest
and we sincerely admire your unity and purposefulness in the fight against
tuition fee raises and the privatization of education. We would like to
express our support for this endeavor. Your unfaltering and resolute actions
against government policies in the field of education inspire us to continue
our own fight with even more determined steps.

We are facing issues similar to your own. Currently serious cut-backs in
education system finance, enforcements of private interests and criminal
violation of university autonomy have been undertaken. Many institutions of
higher education in Bulgaria have been forced to shut down for the winter
months due to a lack of finance. Gradually the student body here began
displaying our discontentment – we have organized a few protests against the
government’s lunacy, but as yet without significant results. In January we
plan to renew the protests and we feel ready to take more radical action in
our efforts to achieve our common goal.

We, the students of Bulgaria, would like to declare our solidarity with you
and your struggle. We would be happy to stay in contact with you in the

In solidarity,

Students’ Organization
Studentski Glas,

Скъпи приятели,

Следим с голям интерес ситуацията във Великобритания в момента и се
възхищаваме на вашата единност и целеустременост в борбата ви срещу
увеличаването на таксите за обучение и приватизацията на образованието.
Искаме да изкажем нашата подкрепа в това начинание. Непоколебимите ви и
решителни действия срещу правителствената политика в сферата на
образованието ни окуражава да продължим нашата собствена борба с още
по-решителни стъпки.

Ние сме изправени пред подобни на вашите проблеми. В момента в България тече
процес на тежки орязвания на финансите в образователната система, налагане
на частните интереси и престъпно погазване на университетската автономия.
Много български висши училища са принудени да затворят врати за зимните
месаеци поради липса на финансови средства. Постепенно и тук започна да се
надига студентското недоволство - организирахме няколко протеста срещу
правителствените безумия, но засега без особени резултати. През януари месец
ще възобновим протестните действия като сме готови на по-радикални мерки за
постигане на общата ни цел.

Ние, българските студенти, искаме да заявим солидарността си с вас и вашата
борба! Вашата непримиримост и самоотверженост могат да ни служат само за
пример.  Ще се радваме да осъществим трайни контакти занапред.

Студентска организация „Студентски глас”, България

NCAFC receives the letter gratefully and reciprocates its message of international solidarity. Victory to Bulgaria’s students!

Real & Fake NCAFC events (and how to get our support for your demo)

We are living in exciting times!

Everyone at NCAFC is really happy about how much is going on and the amazing response we get from people all across the country. We are constantly bombarded with questions and affiliations and people wanting to organise local events.

As we understand that for some a quick supportive reply might suffice to get NCAFC’s support, it needs to be said that things are not that quick & easy.

There have been some “fake” NCAFC events going around Facebook and being Twittered about so here are our guidelines:




  • Send us an email to [email protected] with your personal information (name and university/school/city) and a brief description of the event (type of event/date/location).
  • We will discuss it and vote it through in a local or national NCAFC meeting, which will be open for you and anyone else to come along and pitch in.
  • We will keep in touch with you until the big day (Note: the bigger the event, the more involved we will get with details such as security, materials, stewards, etc)

We hope this helps.

Don’t put yourself in danger – only attend events you know the organising body of. If in doubt contact organisers and ask them to explain what security measures have been taken. It is bad enough that the police is violent even after we meet with them, imagine how they can get if they know nothing about the demo you are thinking of attending.

Keep safe and… Merry Christmas!

Message of Support from General Secretary of FBU

Message of support for students

From Matt Wrack, general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union

“The Fire Brigades Union sends warm greetings to students taking action on fees and on the Education Maintenance Allowance. Firefighters know the value of education – it should be a right for everyone, not a privilege restricted to the wealthy. The government’s policy on education is a vindictive policy of class hatred.

“The Fire Brigades Union stands in solidarity with students in your struggle, just as many students have supported us. Together workers and students can push back the government’s cuts and austerity agenda. United we can change the world. Educate, agitate and organise.”

Join the (UCL) Occupation-Nation