17 Dec: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

17th of December is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. NCAFC Women and Non-Binary sends our solidarity to sex workers across the world fighting against violence and criminalization. We recognize that many students now are going into sex work due to financial pressures and austerity. Within our own unis, many sex workers are threatened with disciplinary action or even expulsion. We call on student activists to fight against these unjust rules, campaign for SUs to provide student sex workers with information and support, and support full decriminalization of sex work.

Furthermore, in order to show solidarity on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, we are calling on student activists and feminist groups to take action on and around this day. You can hold a film screening (list of possible films below), go to the protest in London on the 18th, or pledge to pass the model motion at your union’s general meeting or council.

18 Dec protest info

12-2pm 18 Dec
New Palace Yard (near Parliament), Westminster
Facebook event

Model motion

Motion passed by University of Plymouth Students’ Union: “Standing up for student sex workers”

Films & videos

Neko Weyogerere (Around half hour episodes)

Rewind: Daughters of the Brothel (25:18)

Paris is Burning (1:11:00)

Tangerine (1:28:00)

How Police Profile and Shame Sex Workers (4:14)

Shutting Down BS With Sex Workers (5:21)

The Red Umbrella Diaries (1:38:00)

Sex Work in New Zealand (13:13)

The Laws That Sex Workers Really Want (17:50)