NCAFC warns supporters not to attend 20/12 “March of Resistance”

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is aware of its responsibilities vis-à-vis its supporters and the students, workers, activists and families who take part in our events in protest at the coalition’s policies of cuts and marketisation in the education sector. In light of this, the NCAFC would like to issue the following warning:

It has come to our attention that an event organised and publicised by a group calling itself the UK People’s Initiative for December 20th, the “March of Resistance”, briefly claimed our support (and used our logo!) We never supported this event and we would like to warn those considering attending that there are concerns over the motives and politics of the UK People’s Initiative. Indeed, suggestions have been made that the UK People’s Initiative may be linked to far right groups, although these remain unconfirmed. The organisers have repeatedly failed to respond to requests for information and clarification.

As an organisation we strongly distance ourselves from this event – in the absence of any further information by the organisers in relation to health and safety and the identity of the people behind the group. We have further concerns in relation to the proposed apolitical location of the event, at a time when Piccadilly Circus will be brimming with tourists and Londoners going about their Christmas shopping.

Demonstrations, actions and events organized by the NCAFC (and its affiliated groups) are debated and voted on in large and democratically run meetings; we also participate in broader forums with organisations including Coalition of Resistance, the EAN and ULU, for instance the London Student Assembly. This is an important process as it ensures that we debate and consider different perspectives and discuss health and safety.

Please spread these concerns widely.

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

The NCAFC is organising a national demonstration in London on 29 January: see here.

PRESS STATEMENT: Met scaremongering ahead of tomorrow’s London protests

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is concerned about the latest press release by the Metropolitan Police, which could discourage many students and other members of the public from taking part in tomorrow’s protests against the tuition fees rise.

We have met with the Metropolitan Police several times in order to coordinate the march to Westminster and have been helpful and forthcoming with information about the number of students expected and the route.

  • It is unacceptable that, in a democratic nation like ours, that elected politicians can turn their backs on promises they made.
  • It is worrying that, consequently, governmental institutions like the Met, proceed to restrict protests against such politicians via scaremongering and alarmism.

With several thousand students travelling to London to protest, it is the Metropolitan Police’s duty to engage with citizens andfacilitate non-violent protests. However, the latest statements by Commander Bob Broadhurst, head of the Met’s Public Order Branch, resemble rather scare tactics that tendentially lead to misinformation and silence the public.

We encourage parents, guardians, teachers and all other members of the community to join us in the march on Thursday, 9th of December 2010.

We encourage all to take an active role as stewards, guarding both younger children, as well as the democratic right of future generations to protest in this country.

We hope to see a more positive and cooperative attitude from the Metropolitan Police on their future public statements.