Noam Chomsky supports Aberystwyth occupiers

Occupiers at Aberyswyth University have received a message of solidarity from Noam Chomsky. Aberystwyth University went into occupation on February 22nd in protest against the ongoing marketisation of higher education in the UK and the lack of transparency and political engagement of senior management at Aberystwyth University specifically. The full message can be read below:

“The attack on public education in the US and UK — higher education in particular — may bring short-term benefits to small sectors of concentrated wealth and power, but it is a very serious blow to the population at large, and to prospects for a decent society in the future. The protestors [sic] in Aberystwyth — like those in Tahrir Square, Madison Wisconsin, and many other parts of the world — are in the forefront of global struggles for basic rights, freedom, and democracy, and merit full and committed support.”

Fb: Occupied Aberystwyth

Aber Students Against Cuts

Aberystwyth Re-occupied! Day 5

We have occupied Hugh Owen A12/A14 in opposition to the decimation of higher education in the United Kingdom. We act in solidarity with all those facing the barbaric and unnecessary cuts across society. We reject the idea that the cuts are necessary and recognise that they are motivated out of political choice rather than economic necessity. 

We recognise that the space we occupy is ours and as such we have made it a place where critical thinking and dialogue occurs, involving all in the university and the general public. As part of this we are committed not to disrupting the ongoing lectures happening. We occupy in solidarity with future generations, fellow occupiers and movements across the globe. 

We recognise a burning need for participatory democracy within the university, and many students feel marginalised by the management. We feel this occupation raises awareness of our campaign not only to students, but to senior management. We believe that in the spirit of academia the university management should engage in open and public dialogue and debate willingly. This will ensure that the students see the university management as acting in their interests and not following the government in market-driven policy.

We reject the idea that “we’re all in this together” when the ideologically driven cuts will affect the poorest and the vulnerable the hardest, while large corporations and the rich avoid taxes successfully. 

We reject the idea that knowledge is a commodity, and believe these austerity measures are neither progressive nor just.

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Solidarity to the Birmingham students facing disciplinary action!

Ten University of Birmingham students are facing disciplinary action that could lead to expulsion after a peaceful sit-in that ended with forceful eviction by university security and the police.

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Aber Students Against the Cuts! publish The Alternative post-occupation

Check out what Aberystwyth Students were up to during and after their occupation here!

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Join the (UCL) Occupation-Nation

Students at University of Sheffield Occupation Threatened With Court Injunction

Received from Sheffield University Occupation Stop the Cuts
The University has applied for a court injunction to evict students from their peaceful occupation against higher fees and cuts in the Richard Roberts Building at the University of Sheffield.
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Occupied Creativity (Dance-Off Videos)

UCL Occupation

Brighton University Occupation

Press Release 30 November Second Day of Action Against Fees and Cuts

Press Release 30 November Second Day of Action Against Fees and Cuts

Jon Moses at UCL occupation interviewed by The Guardian (sound)


LIVE updates

NCAFC twittering will now stop as I am joining the demo – sorry peeps – keep sending info though! 🙂

  • Cambridge seems to move slowly into occupation too!
  • 2500 NOW in Brighton!
  • Hundreds marching at county hall in Truro against rise in fees, while in London violence escalates!

  • Oxford students occupy Radcliff Camera PICTURE
  • Leeds Metropolitan University – occupied!
  • Cardiff University occupies Shandon lecture theatre – more information to come!
  • Over 200 at Milton Keynes
  • Chaos reaches London as a police van is left in Whitehall totally abandoned and protesters take action! PICTURE
  • approximately 150 students walkout from Calder High School in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, more action later today
  • UCL occupies!

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  • Over 1000 students confirmed walking out from Bury College and Holy Cross in Manchester

  • Warwick University in occupation in Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
  • More from Chris in Manchester: march just set off – Easily 2000+ lots of school students in the demonstration. Police are overwhelmed, Oxford Road blocked by the demonstration as it marches towards the Met and then the town hall. Just been told that 400 at the Met!

  • Some pictures:



  • About 3000+ to be at Trafalgar Sq any minute now!
  • From Carl: Kingston University walks out with around 400 school students!
  • From Chris Newcombe in Leicester: 150 students, school students, teachers rallying in Leicester city centre.
  • JUST IN: thousands march in Bolton!
  • Bournemouth march has been stopped by the police on the road next to the town hall.
  • 40 Penglais 6th formers march down hill to join free uni in Aberystwyth!
  • More than 200 school and uni students just left Goldsmiths to make way to central London – Trafalgar Sq.
  • UEL students occupying a classroom after rallying in the Main Square!
  • Hundreds of students walked out of both Cambridge Sixth Forms to join University Demo
  • From Adam: “hundreds of Roundhay and Allerton Grange students united and marching to Leeds city centre”
  • Looking good in Manchester over 200 at University Place, 300 college students from Xavarian marching to join them and as lectures finish now many more will be joining the demonstration. Quite a few police knocking around, but they are just taking pictures at the moment.
  • from Helen, Bury College “Massive turnout. Id say no less than 1000. Everyone chanting and cheering. Really good atmosphere!
  • students from Crossways sixth form are on their way to Trafalgar Sq. Blocking the local roads as they go!

  • JUST IN! LSBU students have gone into occupation!

Occupation taking place in Language Centre.

More info HERE.

  • Over 150 students have joined the ULU Carnival of Resistance from Westminster Kingsway college and the numbers are still swelling with more and more school students joining in!
  • Now around at 1000  Birkbeck
  • 400+ youth from local schools joins ULU march!
  • from Bournemouth: students are walking with a police escort to join more students at the landsdown campus. no to education cuts!

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