Letter to the NUT executive – let’s build a national march on 9 December

Dear NUT executive members

We thank you for your support for the student walkouts and protests that have taken place across the country.

In issuing a statement that teachers should support students taking part in protests, you sent a powerful message – that the attacks on education impact not just on H/E students, not just on F/E and school students, but teachers too, and society as a whole.

The date for the vote on tuition fees has now been announced: 9th December. In a cynical move the government has called the vote on a day they know MPs from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will not be present.
This outrageous attack not only on education but also on democracy should be met with a huge national march on Parliament on December the 9th.

Students and workers together can defeat these cuts, and we are writing to ask for your assistance:
•    Push for the NUT to officially support the protest on 9th December
•    Ask NUT branches to provide coaches for students and staff to come down to London on 9th December.
•    Issue another statement of support. Ask NUT members and branches to make sure that students will not be persecuted for taking a day off school.
•    Offer support to teachers, lecturers and any other staff if they walkout on that day.

In Solidarity

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

Statement from National Union of Teachers executive members in support of the 24th November Walkout/Day of Action

We the undersigned members of the National Union of Teachers National Executive wish to express our wholehearted support for, and solidarity with, the national day of protests and walkouts being organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts on November 24th.

The student demonstration against fees on November 10th has provided a huge boost to all those organising to fight cuts and defend public services. The turnout on that demonstration was the most effective response possible to all those who claimed that young people were apathetic and unwilling to fight.

We hope that the day of action on the 24th will be a huge success and reinforce that message. It is clear that many thousands of sixth formers and other school pupils are planning walkouts on November 24th. These young people will be the primary victims of the Coalition’s proposal to raise the cap on fees and to savagely cut university funding. They are absolutely right to be angry about this and their keenness to be involved in the protest against fees and cuts is a tribute to them. We stand wholly in support of those school students who take part in the NCAFC protests on November 24th.

We urge our members in schools to do what they can to support pupils who wish to protest and to avoid, as far as possible, any instruction to prevent walkouts or to retrospectively discipline pupils who take part. We encourage NUT groups to meet and consider ways in which they can collectively support protesting pupils, protect them from any disciplinary action and send them messages of support to pupils taking part.

Gill Goodswen, National President
Nina Franklin, Senior Vice President
Patrick Murphy
Hazel Danson
Chris Blakey
Ian Leaver
Nick Wigmore
Dave Harvey
Pete Bevis
Simon Jones
Tony Tonks

(this list will be updated as more sign)


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