Legal advice for upcoming demos (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED READING)

If you know people who were on the protests, please send them a text asking them to contact GBCLegal if they were arrested/assaulted, witnessed an arrest/assault etc.

  1. If you were arrested then please contact us ASAP.
    Why? We are monitoring the legal situation and trying to make sure that everyone gets the help they need.
  2. If you witnessed an arrest, please contact us.
    Why? We will try to put you in touch with the solicitors of those arrested so that they can mount a defence.
  3. If you witnessed specific police officers using unreasonable force or abusing their powers, please get in touch (especially if you have video or photographic evidence.
    Why? We hope to be able to help those wishing to pursue legal complaints.
  4. If you tried to leave a kettle because you wanted/needed to go home/use the toilet/take medication etc but were refused, please get in touch.
    Why? We aim to collect statements/video to help challenge the use of this police tactic.

You do not need to talk to the police about anything. If you are arrested, giving your name and address will speed up the process of being released. Any other information may be used against you and once you start talking it can be hard to stop: so don’t say anything, it is easier! If they ask you questions, just say ‘no comment’, until you have spoken to a solicitor. And don’t sign anything.

If you’re arrested you have a right to FREE legal advice. You can use a ‘duty solicitor’ but we strongly advise against it. If you haven’t been told at the protest of local solicitors who have experience of dealing with protesters, we recommend you use BINDMANS 020 7833 4433 who should be able to come to your interview if you are in London or advise you by phone on what to do elsewhere.

We recommend you print one of the provided bust cards and read our quick check legal advice HERE.
Also, write one of the telephone numbers provided on your arm/hand, so it is always with you in case something happens.
You are also welcome to write down NCAFC contact numbers – the more the better as on the day phones tend to  be extremely busy – so keep two or three with you and keep trying if no one picks up.
079 4654 1511
[email protected]

Ideas and Advice for tomorrow (video)

Copwatch – organising against police violence

With the growing number of demos against student cuts and mounting concern about police behaviour there should be interesting times ahead for Copwatch, a new organisation set up to document and address unlawful behaviour committed by the police primarily in demo and protest situations.

Copwatch feels it is time to centrally record this behaviour and make the information public. Until now, reports of this nature are spread across may organisations and the true scale of the problem is not apparent.

By relying on photographic and video evidence and statements from members of the public, and by gathering evidence itself, Copwatch aims to call to account each offending force and officer. Complaints will be properly registered with the IPCC and relevant information passed on to local MPs and councillors.

Members of the public who have felt the unjust heavy hand of the law and felt unable to do anything about it or that a complaint will go nowhere should contact Copwatch for advice. Copwatch also invites reports and information from organisations regarding police behaviour so it may consider whether a class action lawsuit is necessary.

To add a report or to seek advice visit

Mobile 07806 486 694

Visit the site at 

See the facebook Page

Follow on Twitter

Useful Information for 24 November (Legal Aid, Occupations 101, etc)


Everything you need to know about going into occupation, and sustaining it once you’re there


Short document on the most important legal information


prepared by Green and Black Cross legal team. Make sure that every person on your occupation has a copy of this. Print double-sided landscape, then cut in half lengthways, and fold into three

This article is also available on (Occupation Information and Legal Advice)