Join the march on Saturday! 12pm! ULU, Malet Street

On Saturday we will meet at ULU at 12pm.

Click here for a map.

The agreed route will see us marching from Malet Street past

Russell Square, Southampton Row, Kingsway, Aldwych, Strand, Whitehall, Parliament Square, St Margaret Street, Abingdon Street, and the march will end at Millbank

Speakers include:

Opening rally at ULU

Ruby Hirsch La Swap College occupation
Alan Whittaker UCU President
Michael Chessum, UCL Union Sabbatical Officer, NCAFC
UCL occupier
Alfie Meadows, Defend the Right to Protest
Kings College London, We Support our Teachers
Tunisia Solidarity Campaign

Closing rally from 2pm outside Parliament

Jody McIntyre activist and journalist
John McDonnell MP
Barnaby Raine Westminster School, School students against the War
Zita Holbourne PCS, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts
Jim Wolfreys UCU NEC, Kings College
Kanja Sessay NUS Black Students Campaign
Alex Kenny NUT NEC
Mark Bergfeld NUS NEC, EAN
LSE occupier

Days of Action in January

Since it is still not clear when and whether there will be a vote on EMA, we will drop the 11th as a day of action and put all our strengths into organizing the events on the 26th and the 29th of January.
Let’s make these two days to remember!
The 26th is a day of nationwide action – organize in, and walk out of, your school, college and university! On the 29th there are two large demonstrations held in Manchester and London. Flyers and leaflets can be downloaded from the top of our website.
In addition, on the 22nd of January, the NCAFC will have its conference at University College London (UCL). On this day students from across the country will come together to discuss what to do next and how we wish to organize ourselves as an organisation. Please make an effort to attend or to send representatives from your local campaign group and email us at [email protected] if you require help with transport or accommodation.

Real & Fake NCAFC events (and how to get our support for your demo)

We are living in exciting times!

Everyone at NCAFC is really happy about how much is going on and the amazing response we get from people all across the country. We are constantly bombarded with questions and affiliations and people wanting to organise local events.

As we understand that for some a quick supportive reply might suffice to get NCAFC’s support, it needs to be said that things are not that quick & easy.

There have been some “fake” NCAFC events going around Facebook and being Twittered about so here are our guidelines:




  • Send us an email to [email protected] with your personal information (name and university/school/city) and a brief description of the event (type of event/date/location).
  • We will discuss it and vote it through in a local or national NCAFC meeting, which will be open for you and anyone else to come along and pitch in.
  • We will keep in touch with you until the big day (Note: the bigger the event, the more involved we will get with details such as security, materials, stewards, etc)

We hope this helps.

Don’t put yourself in danger – only attend events you know the organising body of. If in doubt contact organisers and ask them to explain what security measures have been taken. It is bad enough that the police is violent even after we meet with them, imagine how they can get if they know nothing about the demo you are thinking of attending.

Keep safe and… Merry Christmas!

Stop the tuition fee increase! Join the march on parliament 9 December

This Thursday, 9 December, tens of thousands will come to London to march on parliament as the tuition fee increase is being discussed and voted on. School, college and university students will be joined by supporters from across the country to take a simple message to the government: “no to fees, save EMA”. This protest will be massive – make sure you come along and join NCAFC and other student campaign groups in our opposition to the cuts agenda of the Condem cabinet.

The protest will be starting from University London Union (ULU) on Malet street, gathering at 12 and setting off shortly afterwards. Bring whistles, coats, food and gloves!

If you cannot come to London then organise protests in your local area. Go to town halls, target tax dodging shops on the high street (Vodaphone, Topshop) and shut them down for the day.

Join the facebook group http://www.facebook.comevent.php?eid=136567579732280

NCAFC National Meeting

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is going to be having its national meeting in London on the 5th of June. Please come along, we’re going to be discussing how to organise the campaign so that we can hit the ground running at the start of the next academic year. With the Tories about to announce loads of cuts in education, this is a really important campaign, and a really important meeting!

The meeting will be taking place in University College London from 1PM on Saturday the 5th of June. For more information, check out the Facebook event.

We will be electing an editorial board to ensure regular and timely communications about events, news, and action. Please try to send a delegation from your campus to this meeting to let us know what you’re up to and plan jointly with other anti-cuts campaign groups. Also, it would be great if you could send us a report from your campaign, so that we can stick it up on our website.

There will be a fare pool for those coming long distances, and crash space can be arranged for those who need it. If you have any questions or concerns, see the contact page and don’t hesitate to send us an email.

The NCAFC national meeting isn’t the only thing coming up! Here’s a list of events occurring over the next month:

Saturday 22 May: Right to Work Conference
11-5 Friends Meeting House, London

Tuesday 25 May to Sunday 30 May: European Education Congress 2010
Bochum, Germany

Saturday 29 May: Defeating Cuts in Education conference
Brighton (venue tba)

Thursday 10 June: UNISON Day of Dissent

Defend Simon Hardy: protest 1pm, Friday 7 May

Westminster Uni anti-cuts activist Simon Hardy is being disciplined for his part in the recent anti-cuts occupation.

Join the protest: 1pm, Friday 7 May, University of Westminster Regent Street campus

Facebook event here.

More details from Westminster activists below…
[Read more…]

Workshop Summaries

1st Session- 1150-1250

==Arguing against cuts==

Rachel Archer looks at the enormous scale and the supposed reasons for the huge assault on further and higher education across the UK. Starting with the global credit crunch, she will look at the trillions spent on failing banks and the truth surrounding the ‘fiscal crisis’, spurring plans by Peter Mandelson to cut uni courses to two years, and the mysterious ‘Browne Review’ into higher education led by the ex-boss of British Petroleum. [Read more…]

RIGHT TO WORK officially endorses the Convention

This weekend, as many as a thousand Trade Union, student and unemployed activists from all over the UK descended on Manchester for the second Right to Work conference. It was the largest gathering of its kind for as long as many attendees could remember. The session on education cuts drew some of the biggest crowds, and the conference was supported nationally by the UCU along with PCS, CWU, RMT, NUJ and NUT unions, Stop the War Coalition and Unite Against Fascism. The National Union of Students was conspicuous in its absence, but real student activists were there in numbers.

In all of the sessions relating to defending education against cuts, speakers repeatedly raised the need for national co-ordination. During the final session, the amendment ‘to support the National Convention Against Fees and Cuts’ was accepted without objection, and the conference voted overwhelmingly to pass its Statement of Intent. This can be viewed (in its original form without the amendment) here:

All of this bodes well for the National Convention, which is now under a week away. Email [email protected] for more information.

See the homepage of the Right to Work Conference here:

South Coast planning meeting – 10/01/10

South Coast Planning Meeting NCAFC

The South Coast Planning Meeting took place this Sunday, 10th January in Brighton and counted with the presence of mostly University of Sussex students, as well as London-based NCAFC members.

After a short update of what had been done so far and what is the situation over at Sussex U. a list of short term regional action was compiled.

Students from the south coast should start networking for the mobilization of students and workers, the spreading of information about the Convention on the 6th of Feb and pressure local and university authorities before as well as after the Convention to support and sign possible motions or statements.

The agenda of the NCAFC was, once again, discussed. What we should discuss, what we should aim for and what the results should be. Some suggestions were: a demonstration in central London and national waves of direct action, such as occupations around February or March.

From trivial matters such as transport facilities and funding to the advertising of NCAFC’s Facebook Group and Twitter account – there several students present started delegating and organizing for a more efficient development of work.

The importance of the involvement of key students and regional public figures was stressed several times along the meeting, which took some students to take up the task of talking to particular people about NCAFC.

It was equally important to remember that on the weeks running to the Convention, many helping hands would be needed and that meeting in London would be vital, specially on the couple of days prior to the 6th of Feb.

The USSU (represented in the meeting by its President Tom Wills) offered to provide transport from the South to the Convention on the 6th and the possibility for a few people to get subsidized transport to London for prep-meetings.

The next South Coast meeting was planned for the weekend between the 29th and the 31st of January, possibly once again in Brighton.

For more information on this region’s actions and how to take part, please contact:

[email protected]

or give us a call on the

077 757 63 750