‘Teenage Riot’ Part I

VICE’s TV production arm VBS.tv have put together a new film about the student protests entitled Teenage Riot. In the film VBS followed the progress of the largest period of civil unrest in England since the 80s, available in 5 parts all this week, the full length film will be available next week at VBS.tv. Check it out here

The Independent covers

See full article here

The images the media won’t show (video of mounted police charging on protesters)

Bit of video coverage on the 24th November and aftermath

More to come

Nov 24 walk out a huge success! (with video)

Today was a resounding success. Thousands of higher and further education, as well as college and 6th form, students went on the streets to show their anger with the government´s cuts and fees agenda for education.

Over 3000 students gathered in Brighton and marched onto the Town Hall. Manchester saw around 4000 and Leeds another 3000 join the national protest.

From Edinburgh to Bournemouth, the feeling of solidarity and support was strongly felt. Around 16 universities were occupied nationally. Estimates involved range from 35,000 to 45,000 nationally. This was a huge success for a protest that was not supported by the NUS and was organised largely by new grassroots activists at colleges and schools.

London had over 8000 demonstrators as students from across the capital converged on Trafalgar Sq and began marching down Whitehall. Scandalously, the police kettled in around 4000 students and detained them on Whitehall for hours, not letting the majority leave until well into the evening. The police hoped to demoralise the protestors and prevent them from taking further action.

They were wrong. The mood on the protest stayed lively with regular chants, impromptu speeches and plenty of discussion amongst activists. When people heard about the Nov 30 day of action they were eager to get involved and carry on the fight.

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is happy that students will not stand still and let Parliament take these savage cuts imperviously.

The NCAFC will continue to organise students and plan future actions in order to defeat this constrictive governmental education agenda and, if necessary, bring down the government itself.

The next day of action will take place nationally on the 30th November 2010.

Another national day of action is to be called on the day that Parliament votes on the proposed measures.

LIVE updates

NCAFC twittering will now stop as I am joining the demo – sorry peeps – keep sending info though! 🙂

  • Cambridge seems to move slowly into occupation too!
  • 2500 NOW in Brighton!
  • Hundreds marching at county hall in Truro against rise in fees, while in London violence escalates!

  • Oxford students occupy Radcliff Camera PICTURE
  • Leeds Metropolitan University – occupied!
  • Cardiff University occupies Shandon lecture theatre – more information to come!
  • Over 200 at Milton Keynes
  • Chaos reaches London as a police van is left in Whitehall totally abandoned and protesters take action! PICTURE
  • approximately 150 students walkout from Calder High School in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, more action later today
  • UCL occupies!

Please send messages of support to: [email protected]


  • Over 1000 students confirmed walking out from Bury College and Holy Cross in Manchester

  • Warwick University in occupation in Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
  • More from Chris in Manchester: march just set off – Easily 2000+ lots of school students in the demonstration. Police are overwhelmed, Oxford Road blocked by the demonstration as it marches towards the Met and then the town hall. Just been told that 400 at the Met!

  • Some pictures:



  • About 3000+ to be at Trafalgar Sq any minute now!
  • From Carl: Kingston University walks out with around 400 school students!
  • From Chris Newcombe in Leicester: 150 students, school students, teachers rallying in Leicester city centre.
  • JUST IN: thousands march in Bolton!
  • Bournemouth march has been stopped by the police on the road next to the town hall.
  • 40 Penglais 6th formers march down hill to join free uni in Aberystwyth!
  • More than 200 school and uni students just left Goldsmiths to make way to central London – Trafalgar Sq.
  • UEL students occupying a classroom after rallying in the Main Square!
  • Hundreds of students walked out of both Cambridge Sixth Forms to join University Demo
  • From Adam: “hundreds of Roundhay and Allerton Grange students united and marching to Leeds city centre”
  • Looking good in Manchester over 200 at University Place, 300 college students from Xavarian marching to join them and as lectures finish now many more will be joining the demonstration. Quite a few police knocking around, but they are just taking pictures at the moment.
  • from Helen, Bury College “Massive turnout. Id say no less than 1000. Everyone chanting and cheering. Really good atmosphere!
  • students from Crossways sixth form are on their way to Trafalgar Sq. Blocking the local roads as they go!

  • JUST IN! LSBU students have gone into occupation!

Occupation taking place in Language Centre.

More info HERE.

  • Over 150 students have joined the ULU Carnival of Resistance from Westminster Kingsway college and the numbers are still swelling with more and more school students joining in!
  • Now around at 1000  Birkbeck
  • 400+ youth from local schools joins ULU march!
  • from Bournemouth: students are walking with a police escort to join more students at the landsdown campus. no to education cuts!

Watch out for our Twitter page too: http://twitter.com/imAFC constantly updated!

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University of Birmingham occupied!

Albeit threatened by management to leave (management has inclusively cancelled classes in occupied area) Birmingham students are holding on!

Follow their blog: Stop Fees, Stop Cuts Birmingham University

Or Twitter: www.twitter.com/stopcutsbrum

Solidarity and support from The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts!

Press Release 24 November 2010 Walkout and Day of Action (Latest Updates)

STOP PRESS Last Minute Press Release 24 November 2010 Walkout and Day of Action

Statement from the Woodcraft Folk (the co-operative childrens’ charity)

Many will have read recent articles surrounding the 50,000 strong protests this month against the Governments education cuts and increased fees. Whilst some may condemn the involvement of young people, the Woodcraft Folk (the co-operative childrens’ charity) are proud to support their young people in non-violent direct action on this issue.

Many of our young people will be walking out of Schools, Colleges and Universities around the country on Wednesday 24th November in the national day of action.

We believe that “Education at all levels is a right and not a privilege and this should be available free at the point of access to everyone regardless of nationality, gender and financial wealth” (AGM 2008). Our mission is to empower young people to change the world around them.

Since 1925, the Woodcraft Folk’s young people have taken bold actions. The Woodcraft Folk remains unflinching in its support of our young people’s right to express their opinions. It is young people that will be worse off without the Educational Maintenance Allowance and with higher fees in university education.

We hope that young people, supported through our network of local groups, will be able to take decisive action. Our members, leaders and trustee board (of which over 50% are under 25) will be marching and protesting in solidarity with our young people on Wednesday 24thNovember, and we call on others to do the same.

Blue Skies

Lloyd Russell-Moyle (chairperson)

The Woodcraft Folk (the co-operative childrens’ charity)