Support the UCU Strike – Get Your Posters & Flyers!

Start building support for the upcoming UCU strike with our packs which include posters, leaflets and more! NCAFC has designed printed materials for local activists groups to support their UCU branches during the strike. We have printed as many of these as we can. We want to make sure everyone can get hold of publicity for the strike, so you can order them from us and we’ll post them as soon as possible. However, we are an organisation of volunteer activists, resourced by donations from activists and the occasional trade union – we don’t have much money! Producing enough publicity to spread the word around the country costs thousands of pounds. If you have any spare cash you can donate to the cost of producing these materials, please do so. If you are a Students’ Union or other well-resourced organisation that can place its own order with a printing company using the PDF files provided, please do that too! Every donation we get, and every leaflet or poster printed by a student union, ensures that more material is available to activists who don’t have access to much money.

To you’d like to receive a pack of printed materials, please email us at [email protected] with your name, address, contact number and what you’d like to order.


poster 1

strike poster-01

poster 2

queue poster-01

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complain poster a4-01

poster 5


poster 6