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Joining the campaign is easy. Send us at least £1 per year, and after we’ve approved your membership we’ll add you to our members’ email newsletter and our webforum, where members link up to share ideas and news and discuss the issues facing us, and we’ll send you a membership card. You’ll be part of the campaign alongside activists around the country, with the right to take part in the democratic conferences that decide what we do together to take the fight for free education forward. The price is set low to allow everyone to join. Being a member will never cost you more than it costs the Campaign.

If you’re able to make a regular donation of more than £1 per year, please consider donating the equivalent of a cup of coffee or a pint each month, or more. Some of our members who can afford to – like sabbatical officers and those with better wages – support the campaign by donating as much as £50 each month. NCAFC has no regular major financial backing, runs on a tiny budget and is entirely dependent on the work and support of its members – every additional donation makes a difference in helping to organise action and events, print political material, and so on. However, there are not different levels of membership in NCAFC. Every member is equal, with the same rights.

We use the GoCardless service to make sure Direct Debit payments are safe and secure. If for any reason you can’t set up a Direct Debit or you are having difficulty using the system, please contact [email protected] to arrange an alternative.