Step 2 | The minimum donation is £1. Strengthen the movement and support the campaign!

Joining the campaign is easy. Send us a pound and we’ll send you a membership card, contact you with details of our events, how to get involved and keep you up to date with the latest news in the fight against fees and cuts. The price is set low to allow everyone to join and take part in the campaign. Being a member will never cost you more than it costs the Campaign.

If you’re able to make a regular donation of more than £1, please do consider it. Some of our members who can afford to – like sabbatical officers and those with better wages – support the campaign by donating £5 or £10 or more each month. NCAFC has no major financial backing, runs on a tiny budget and is entirely dependent on the work and support of its members – every additional donation makes a difference in helping to organise action and events, print political material, and so on. Please consider contributing as much as you’re able.

However, there are not different levels of membership in NCAFC. Every member is equal and has the right to attend, speak, vote, propose motions and stand for election at our conferences and events.

Payments are handled by PayPal. It’s safe and secure – you can pay directly with your credit or debit card. If for any reason you can’t use PayPal, please contact [email protected] to arrange an alternative payment method.
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