National Committee

The current National Committee was elected at the NCAFC National Conference on 12-14 December 2014. It has responsibility for what the NCAFC does in between conferences.

The committee comprises:

  • 14 members elected by single-transferable vote at national conference, of which at least 40% must be self-defining women.
  • 1 delegate from each regional conference (as defined by regions), whose vote can be shared between multiple representatives
  • 1 delegate from each liberation campaign (LGBTQ, Women, Disabled and Black Power), whose vote can be shared between multiple representatives
  • 1 delegate from any other self-organised student section as recognised by the national committee. At present, only the International section exists.

Meetings of the NC are open to anti-cuts activists but only members of the NC have voting rights. National Conferences are open to all and everyone has equal voting rights.


National Committee ‘Block of 14’ members (14 elected, 40% reserved for women and non-binary candidates):

  • Alex Rossetti
  • Amanda Shaylor
  • Andy Warren
  • Ben Towse
  • Deborah Hermanns
  • Hattie Craig
  • Hope Worsdale
  • Jack Chadwick
  • Jamie Sims
  • Luke Elliott
  • Sam Pickering
  • Shula Kombe
  • Tom Robinson
  • 1 vacancy (resignation)

Women’s rep

  • Masie Sanders and Zoe Salanitro


  • Raquel Palmeira

Black rep

  • Rida Vaquas

Disabled rep

  • Tanju Cakar and Fi Halfacre

International rep

  • Ana Oppenheim

FE rep

  • Sahaya James

Postgrad rep

  • Callum Cant and Jess Paterson

London rep

  • Monty Shield

South West rep

  • Zac Muddle

South East rep

  • Jakob Tyson and Yesha

Scotland rep

  • Jenny Killin

West Midlands rep

  • Luke Dukinfield

North and Yorkshire rep

  • Josh Berlyne



The National Committee has a number of sub-committees which exist to streamline their workload and ensure that the campaign runs smoothly. Membership and structure of these subcommittees will be confirmed in the next month or so.

These are:

Press Committee

Communications Committee

Safer Spaces Committee

Membership Committee

Finance Committee