Model motion to pass in your Student Union

This SU notes

  1. Students today will graduate with a significant debt burden and struggle with living costs whilst studying, whilst many institutions suffer from cuts to their funding.
  2. That NUS national conference 2017 voted by a substantial majority to “oppose and campaign against all methods of charging students for education”
  3. That a coalition of student unions and student campaigns, supported by organisations such as Momentum, are organising a national demonstration on 15th November under the slogan “Free Education Now – Tax the Rich”

This SU believes

  1. Following the 2017 General Election, in which abolishing tuition fees became a headline policy, there is an opportunity to win free education for students right now by effective mobilisation.
  2. That we should campaign for the same demands as this demonstration: for the immediate abolition of tuition fees for all students, for living grants for all, and an end to campus cuts.

This SU resolves

  1. To campaign on these themes over the next year with the demands “Scrap all fees” and “Living grants for all” and “Stop all campus cuts”
  2. Organise an NCAFC speaker event discussing the demands of demo in the run-up
  3. To support the national student demonstration on November 15th, donate £… and mobilise students for it.