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The NCAFC is not a group of experts organising and writing from afar. It is made up of ordinary education activists, who are active on their campuses and who agree with the aims of the campaign. People like you! Membership of the Campaign means two things. Firstly, it means that you can take ownership over the NCAFC and take part in its democracy. Members can attend the NCAFC’s conferences and vote; and they can put amendments to motions. The NCAFC belongs to its members, not to a clique of people “in the know”. Having people sign up as members to the NCAFC makes our campaign stronger. Membership of the campaign is a commitment to support our work nationally. It means you have made a decision to help decide what the NCAFC is going to do – and to help carry out those decisions. Becoming a member of the NCAFC helps us organise, and helps the NCAFC keep track of its supporters and have a better idea of what we can do. Paying regular membership subscriptions to the NCAFC helps us undertake our national activities – whether that is helping activists attend events and demonstrations, producing educational and organising materials, intervening at NUS Conference, or organising national demonstrations and days of action. We need money, and membership subscriptions give us that too.
Members of the NCAFC have another job – educating each other. The NCAFC aims not only to organise activists, but also to educate activists. We need our members to help us produce educational materials, write pamphlets, and assist in training events regionally and nationally.We don’t want our educational work to be done by outside “experts” who are not active politically. We want the “teachers” and the “doers” to be the same people. NCAFC activists need to organise together for mutual activist education, so we can become political educators in our own right.

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Take ownership over the campaign. Become a conduit of information and decision-making from your local college to the national level, and from the national level to your local college. Help us organise. Commit to promoting the work of the NCAFC. Join now!

For any questions about or changes to your NCAFC membership, you should send us an email