Link your local activist group to NCAFC!

bham DELocal activist groups are the heart of NCAFC. We want to see open, democratic groups on every school, college and university campus, pushing forward radical ideas about education and organising protest and direct action. The NCAFC is made up of those groups – it exists to link them up, and bring them together into a force that can fight for our shared goals on a regional and national level.

Without local groups, NCAFC would have no roots and nobody making action happen on the ground – and without NCAFC, our local groups acting in isolation couldn’t hope to have an impact on issues such as the abolition of tuition fees nationally.

So if you have a local activist group, affiliate it to the NCAFC! To affiliate, local groups should be democratic and open, and broadly share NCAFC’s purpose. You should discuss affiliation in your group and take a democratic decision, then contact the NCAFC Membership Committee. We’ll take it to our National Committee for approval. And if a local activist group doesn’t yet exist where you are, set one up! Get in touch for advice on how to do this.

Affiliated groups have lots of rights within our democratic processes, determining NCAFC’s decisions about the action we organise and the politics we develop. Going forward, the National Committee are going to make sure that affiliated groups have a contact to keep in touch consistently, keeping you up-to-date with what’s going on and decisions facing us. We also plan to start hosting contact details of groups on our website to help people find groups near them and get involved.

In return, we ask that affiliated groups make sure they get involved – because without you, NCAFC doesn’t exist! Affiliated local groups should:

  • Get involved in activities – like demonstrations and days of actions – that NCAFC organises.
  • Take part in NCAFC’s decision-making – feed up your ideas and your contributions on the questions facing us, and come to our conferences where we debate the NCAFC’s direction.
  • Encourage your members to become active individual members of NCAFC.
  • On a regular basis, discuss your affiliation to NCAFC and democratically decide on reaffirming it – for instance, once every year.
  • Affiliated groups are free to disagree with NCAFC’s decisions and activities. We ask that you try to do so in a constructive, honest, and democratic way.