Free Education NOW – Tax The Rich National Demo 15 Nov

The snap General Election, with Labour’s pledge to tax the rich and fund free education, sent waves through society and brought the abolition of tuition fees closer than ever. The time for free education is now. We’re going to organise for action to push it through into reality: on our campuses, in our communities, and on the streets.

There is no shortage of wealth in our society: enormous riches lie hoarded in the pockets of a few. Let’s tax that wealth and put it to better use by investing in an education run by and for students, workers and communities. Instead of a decimated adult education sector and ongoing job cuts on many university campuses, we’re fighting to reverse cuts to further and higher education, to invest, to create decent jobs, and to support students.

Scrapping all fees must mean that no student, home or international, will pay a penny in tuition fees. We want an end to the cash cow treatment of international students. And we want an end to the regressive maintenance loan system which sees poorest students graduating with the highest amount of debt. In its place, and in the place of the shamefully axed Education Maintenance Allowance, we demand living grants for all: every student across further and higher education will receive enough money to study and live without navigating the bureaucratic mess of Student Finance that assumes parental support which many students do not have.

Tuition fees are at the heart of the ongoing marketization of our education system, which is driving cuts across university campuses and a dramatic reduction in further education provision across the country. Marketization drives, and depends on, inequality between institutions and eroding the job security and working conditions of university staff. The Teaching Excellence Framework meant to ‘drive up standards in teaching’ is directly linked to the intensifying exploitation and casualisation of university staff. Scrapping all fees cuts the legs out from underneath this marketization agenda.

Free education accessible to everyone is within our reach. By taking action in our thousands, we can seize it now.

March with us on 15th November: for an end to tuition fees, for living grants, and for an education system that serves people not profit.