Finance Committee

The National Committee has a number of sub-committees which exist to streamline their workload and ensure that the campaign runs smoothly.

The Finance Committee exists to support the National Committee by directly managing the NCAFC’s funds and ensuring that they are spent in accordance with the wishes of the NC. This committee also develops and then implements NCAFC expenditure policies (i.e. travel reimbursement policies), with the approval of the NC.  Furthermore, this committee is responsible for finding new ways of generating money to support the work of the NCAFC.

This committee’s membership is chosen by the NC and currently is:

  • Omar Raii
  • James Elliot

The committee’s responsibilities are:

To draw up budgets for implementing policy and campaigns

  • Budgets are brought to NC for approval by email vote

Propose policy on expenditures

  • e.g. travel reimbursement policy
  • NC votes on policies
  • FinanceCommittee carries out that policy

Pay the bills [i.e. they write the cheques]
Make finances and expenditures transparent and available to all NCAFC members.
Generate new income.