The NCAFC is appealing for your donations – however big or small – in this crucial period for the future of education in Britain.

While our costs are low, we depend on volunteers rather than staff and are in urgent need for money to be used for printing leaflets, placards to mobilise for future demonstrations, running our democracy and our events and maintaining our website . The vast majority of our members are heavily indebted students. We receive a small amount from trade union branch donations but unlike the NUS we don’t receive large sums from student unions.

Despite all of this we have managed to raise a profile as high as the NUS through the recent student movement. The NUS has abandoned students at a time when they needed national organisation the most. The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is playing this role and we’re run on a shoe string.

We’re reaching the limits of what our overdrafts and credit cards will allow us to buy. For this we need your donation – even a small amount such as £5 goes a long way towards keeping us online for another month or printing several hundred leaflets.

Donations will be used by NCAFC for activities in line with the aims of the Campaign. For example:

  • Printing campaigning materials.
  • Legal defence of occupations and activists.
  • Running our democratic processes.
  • Making our events accessible.

Printing 100,000 leaflets will cost us only £989, yet we don’t even have these kind of funds. Any donations we receive will strengthen the student movement and help us defeat the cuts.

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The NCAFC would not be possible without the help of its supporters. Every subscription – no matter how small – makes the campaign stronger.

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