Free Education & Living Grants For All

No Barriers // No Borders // No Business!

London, UK. 19th Nov, 2014. Students march through central London to demand that politicians scrap tuition fees. The demonstration was organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) and the Student Assembly Against Austerity with StudentNational Demonstration
1pm 4 November

From scrapping Maintenance Grants, planning to raise tuition fees and making brutal funding cuts to Adult & Further Education; to keeping thousands of people locked up in detention centres and deporting international students to their deaths: the Conservative Government is attacking us from all sides, and it’s time to fight back.

We don’t just want a return to small grants that are barely enough to pay rent; we want living grants for all, so that no student has to live in poverty.

We don’t just want a graduate tax, or a return to £3,000 fees; we want an education system which is free, in all senses of the word. We want liberated, democratic universities where knowledge is exchanged with each other and not for profit.

We don’t just want international students to be allowed to stay here for a few months after they have finished studying; we want a world which welcomes immigration and freedom of movement.

Free Education & Living Grants are not pipe dreams. They can be funded by taxing the rich and clamping down on tax avoidance. We won’t get the world we want by asking nicely, though.

Join us on the streets to demand it.

We’ll be keeping this page updated with everything you need to know about joining the national demo in November 2015, so keep an eye on it as we add more!