Communications Committee

The National Committee has a number of sub-committees which exist to streamline their workload and ensure that the campaign runs smoothly.

The Communications Committee exists to support the National Committee by acting as the public face of the NCAFC, liaising with the press and other external organisations, managing NCAFC’s communication channels and maintaining the website. They are also responsible for ensuring the the NCAFC’s membership are informed of what’s happening with the campaign and how to get involved.

This committee’s membership is chosen by the NC and currently is:

  • Beth Redmond, Liverpool
  • Deborah Hermanns, London
  • Hope Worsdale, Warwick

The committee’s responsibilities are:

  • Three or four members (in addition to Secretariat), choose convener amongst themselves

  • Secretariat are ex-officio members

  • Manage social media accounts

  • Prepare press releases and communicate with the press

  • Maintain the website

  • Publicise NCAFC and its campaigns

  • Ensure the NCAFC’s members are kept informed of what the campaign is doing and how to get involved