10,000 demonstrators kick start student fightback

10,000 students from across the country demonstrated in London today on the national demonstration against cuts to education and public services organised by the NCAFC. [Read more…]

Support our lecturers’ action against pension cuts! (Model motion)

In the run up to the November 30 pensions strike, University and College Union members at 67 pre-92 universities are taking industrial action short of a strike, which could escalate into a marking and assessment boycott. Here Pat Smith, a student and UCU activist at Hull University, explains why students should support them. [Read more…]

Solidarity to the Birmingham students facing disciplinary action!

Ten University of Birmingham students are facing disciplinary action that could lead to expulsion after a peaceful sit-in that ended with forceful eviction by university security and the police.

Read all about it here

Save EMA! Parliament votes on scrapping EMAs, 11 January!

On 11 January, Parliament will vote on scrapping Education Maintenance Allowances. So far this date has not been widely publicised; it looks like the Government is hoping to get the vote through without too many people noticing! [Read more…]

Trade union support for 29 January demonstrations

Trade union support for the student protests on 29 January, called by NCAFC and others including the Education Activist Network, is growing. [Read more…]

A tale of two demos – demonstrate in London OR Manchester, 29 January!

There has been some confusion in the student movement recently about the date 29 January. NCAFC is backing and helping to organise two mass student demonstrations against fees and cuts, one in London and one in Manchester. Here we explain why and advise activists on what to do on the day. [Read more…]

Kent and Camberwell occupations plan to stay in over holidays

Two occupations, Kent University and Camberwell College of Art, plan to stay in over the holidays. Please send messages of solidarity or go along to show your support. [Read more…]

Walkout/Day of Action 26 January – National Demo 29 January

The NCAFC is helping to organise another national Walkout/Day of Action on 26 January, and a National Demonstration in London on 29 January. [Read more…]

National demonstration – 29 January 2011, London

The first parliamentary vote might have gone through, but this is not the end! That is why, in the absence of action by NUS, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts has called a second national demonstration in London, on Saturday 29 January. [Read more…]

NCAFC national meeting, 11am, Friday 10th, London

The morning after the big demonstration, supporters of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts need to get together to discuss the next steps for our movement. [Read more…]