Mark Barrett on March 26th and people’s assemblies

NCAFC’s and People’s Assemblies’ Mark Barrett shares his assessment of the massive anti-cuts “March for the Alternative,” a demonstration that took place on Saturday March 26, and which brought out a high-end estimate of 500,000 people onto the street of London.

NCAFC on late hours…

NCAFC’s Joana Oliveira Pinto on BBC Radio 5 Live “Up All Night” show with Rhod Sharp.

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(Joana’s interview starts at 0:14:20)

Jon Moses at UCL occupation interviewed by The Guardian (sound)


No Nato! Sussex student Tom Wills hammers new Nato lecturer Jamie Shea

Sussex University student Tom Will launches a political attack on International Relations lecturer Jamie Shea, an apologist for Britain’s wars overseas. Sussex university have faced protest after hiring him, so students attending his first lecture decided to challenge his views.

Listen to it here:

Tom Wills vs Jamie Shea by TomWills

Outraged students speak to the BBC about Browne Review

NCAFC activists Robin Law, Wesminster University Student Union President, and Simon Hardy, Fight Cuts Campaign at Westminster, spoke today on BBC London Breakfast Show with Gaby Roslin and Paul Ross.

Listen to what they had to say (on 2:07min):