How students can support workers and help stop the marking boycott

fair [pay chalk
fair-pay-now-1fxqurmAs the next step in the campaign for fair pay, the UCU (University & College Union; the trade union representing academic and related workers) is planning a marking boycott if their employers still won’t offer an acceptable deal by 28 April 2014. They have been left with no choice by university managers’ refusal to deal with their grievances, and by the aggressive response campaigners have received from their employers, including punitive pay deductions.
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Great-Hall-1024x768Cross-posted from Birmingham Defend Education.

Today the CPS has dropped all charges against the three students arrested and charged on the 29th January. All 13 students that were arrested that day have had their criminal investigations discontinued, following no evidence being found in support of the allegations of criminal damage and assault.

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NCAFC National Committee Meeting 30/03/14

The secretariat are pleased to announce the next NCAFC National Committee meeting will be on the 30th March 2014 in Birmingham. The meeting will start a 10 am and finish by 5pm. Accommodation will be available, if you have any access requirements please email us on the email below.

If you have any agenda items for the meeting please submit to [email protected] before the 20th of March. The final agenda for the meeting will be confirmed on the 24th of March.


Secretariat Elections

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) have one space left on the secretariat which we are looking to fill. The secretariat has multiple jobs which include but not limited to arrangement of democratic events, being ex-officio members of the communications committee and insuring NCAFC events adhere to the our access policy.
 The secretariat takes responsibility for the chairing and arrangements of conference, ensuring the room books are delegated to the appropriate campus groups and ensuring the smooth running of the event. The committee meetings of the national committee are also arranged by the secretariat. It is important that any member of the secretariat familiarises themselves with our access policy.

The secretariat are selected by the national committee.

If you would like to run for the remaining position on the secretariat please email[email protected] with a small amount of information about why you want to run for the position by Friday 31st of January.

NCAFC National Committee Meeting: Agenda

The agenda for the NCAFC National Committee meeting on the 11th and 12th of January has now been finalised. The meeting will take place in ULU starting at 11 am on the Saturday and we will finish by 4 pm on the Sunday.

Agenda Items for Saturday

Saturday Session
11h00 Open: Access, apologies, standing items
11h15 Speaker  Tour
11h30 Local Elections
11h45 London and ULU Update
12h00 Safer Spaces
12h15 Lunch Break
12h45 Russia and LGBTQ movement
13h00 NUS Elections
14h15 Summer Conference
14h30 Break
14h45 Demonstrations: short debrief from cops off campus, where we can go from there, demonstration in Birmingham
15h30 Student Debt
15h45 E15 Mothers Campaign
16h00 Liberation Conference
16h15 Break
16h30 Strike in HE
17h00 Reports from Committees: reports from communication committee, press committee, finance committee and membership committee, elections of subcommittees
18h00 Close


Agenda for Sunday

Time Session
10h00 Skill Shares Session (All attending): Use of the forum, website
11h30 Break
11h45 Break out groups: Communications committee, Press Committee, Membership Committee, Finance committee
13h15 Lunch Break
14h00 Conference Policy Discussion: To be grouped
15h30 Break
15h45 Close and debrief of committee meeting

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.  If you have any access requirements, please let us know by emailing [email protected] and we will do our best to ensure that these requirements are met, however given the short time scale now we can not guarantee that access requirements are met.

NCAFC NC Meeting- Submit Agenda Items Now.

The Secretariat have announced the next open NCAFC NC meeting for the 11th-12thof January.  This is a decision making meeting but all NCAFC members are welcome to attend and observe, however only NCAFC NC members are able to vote. 

Please submit all items that you wish to be discussed on the agenda to [email protected] with a short report or motion. Items need to be submitted by Monday 6th January at 5pm, the agenda will be confirmed on Tuesday 7th of January.


If you have any access requirements or any queries about the meeting please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected]. Unless there are specific access requirements relating to accommodation, we will not allocate accommodation until the day of the meeting

NUS elections: NCAFC to decide its candidates

Among other issues, at its meeting on 11-12 January the NCAFC’s National Committee will be discussing and deciding which candidates to endorse in the 2014 elections of the President and Vice Presidents of the National Union of Students. This meeting will be open for all members of the NCAFC to attend and contribute – as a democratic organisation, we don’t want to stitch up an election slate in a back room on the basis of unprincipled horse-trading.

Mass mobilisation and democratic organising for protest, direct action and industrial action are the NCAFC’s focus, and as activists we work both within student union structures, transforming them where we can, and independently of them as much as we need to. We don’t think any activist or organisation should throw too much of their resources or attention into the electoral arena of the NUS. The priority for leftists has to be fighting and organising in our campuses, workplaces and communities, and it would be a mistake to imagine that even significant electoral victories at the top could offer a short-cut past the work of developing a healthy movement and a healthy union from the bottom up.

But bearing all of this in mind, we believe it’s still worthwhile to participate in these elections because they are a platform – one of many opportunities to argue for our ideas, challenge the direction of the bureaucratised NUS, and present the alternatives of a principled, militant student movement and a fighting, democratic union. So we invite potential candidates to put their proposed political platforms forward.

  • The National Committee will decide on the NCAFC’s endorsements for the following full-time NUS positions: President, Vice President (Further Education), Vice President (Higher Education), Vice President (Welfare), Vice President (Union Development) and Vice President (Society & Citizenship). The elections will be held at NUS National Conference on 8-10 April in Liverpool.
  • You can let the National Committee know that you would like to put yourself forward as a candidate in this discussion by emailing [email protected]
    • We also encourage candidates to publicly declare that they are seeking NCAFC’s endorsement and announce the political platform they want to run on as soon as possible.
  • NCAFC members and local groups affiliated to NCAFC are encouraged to discuss the candidates’ platforms and feed into the meeting.
    • Candidates are welcome to attend the National Committee meeting to propose themselves and their platform, though this is not required. Details of when the discussion will take place within the 2-day meeting will be released as soon as the agenda is confirmed – for now, please email [email protected] with any access requirements you may have. The NCAFC will pay reasonable travel expenses for candidates if necessary and within its financial ability.
  • The NCAFC will campaign for the candidates it endorses, and will encourage any of its members who are NUS delegates to vote accordingly. However, the endorsements will not be whips and members are not required to follow them.
  • NCAFC’s autonomous liberation caucuses (Women, Black Power, LGBTQ & Disabled Students) will discuss endorsements for NUS liberation campaign positions separately from this meeting. If you are considering standing, let the caucus rep or committee know. If you don’t have contact details for them, the NC can put you in touch: email [email protected]

Election Results at National Conference

Candidates elected to this year’s National Committee are:

The new Black Power reps are Thais Yañez and Omar Raii.
The new LGBTQ rep is Emma Brownbill and a committee of 5 was also elected.
The new Women’s rep is Kate Harris and a committee of 6 was also elected.
The Disabled rep is Matt Reuben and a committee of 5 was also elected.
The new rep for London Region is Michael Chessum.
The reps for NCAFC Wales and NCAFC Scotland were not elected at this conference.

Candidates elected in the Block of 14 election* are as follows:

OCCUPY SUSSEX (Women’s place)
Kirsty HAIGH
UCL DEF. ED. (Open place)
BIRMINGHAM DEF. ED (Women’s place)
OCCUPY SUSSEX (Open place)
BIRMINGHAM DEF. ED. (Open place)
UCL DEF. ED. (Women’s place)
Daniel COOPER.

* A constitutional amendment was passed at this conference to federalise the National Committee and allow local activist groups to stand as candidates for the Block of 14. Activists from these local groups will occupy these seats on a rotating basis. Full details of the proceedings of this year’s National Conference will be published soon.

The Block of 14 election was returned by Luke Durigan and Claire Lister

Conference Agenda Announced!

NCAFC National Conference is taking place in Birmingham on the 23rd and 24th November. Register your place now.  The first day will comprise mainly of workshops, whereas the second will set the direction of NCAFC for the coming months. This includes motions debate and the election of the NC.


1. Plenary: where should student activists focus this year?
2. Zero tolerance: eliminating low pay, casualisation and precarity in our education system  
3. Why do national strikes never seem to win? 
4. How to support workers’ struggles on campus
5. The rent is too damn high! Launching a national offensive on student housing
6. International students’ fightback
7. Student struggles in Egypt 
8. What strategy in the fight against racism and fascism? 
9. Privilege, intersectionality and fighting oppression 
10. How can we make NUS and SUs fight for students? 
11. Fighting militarism on campus 
12. Climate change and extreme energy 
13. Creating a forum for radical ideas
14. Guest Speaker: Noam Gur


Saturday Workshop / Session / Event
11h00 Registration Opens
11h45 Opening Plenary
13h00 Lunch
13h30 Workshops
15h00 Break
15h15 Caucus
15h45 Workshops
16h45 Break
17h00 Caucus
17h30 Workshops
18h30 Break
18h45 Guest Speaker: Noam Gur
20h00 onwards Social
Sunday Workshop / Session / Event
10h00 Strikes
10h30 Debt
11h00 NC Report
11h15 Break
11h30 Caucus
12h00 Motions
13h00 Lunch
13h40 Motions
14h30 Caucus
15h00 Break
15h15 Elections
16h15 Closing Plenary
16h30 onwards Close


Please note that this is subject to change.

Motions deadline for 2013 National conference extended

The motions deadline for NCAFC’s National conference has been extended to 6pm on Thursday 14th November. Motions will be published on Friday 15th November and amendments accepted until 6pm Monday 18th November.

The Final motions agenda will be published on Wednesday 20th November.

Please submit your motions to [email protected]