Alan Turing’s pardon: No more than a gesture

Alan Turing has been granted a posthumous royal pardon for his 1952 conviction for consensual sex with another man. If this provides a degree of comfort to some living LGBTQ people, then it’s perhaps a welcome gesture – but it’s no more than a gesture.

Neither Turing nor the many tens of thousands of others whose relationships were criminalised had done anything wrong. A pardon serves no purpose for a sentence already served. It is in effect an assertion that the conviction was correct, and that the convicted is “forgiven” their crime. In Turing’s case and the others not deemed worthy of equivalent treatment, the state should be seeking, not insultingly presuming to grant, forgiveness.

A picture of Alan Turing

It emerged this week Moazzam Begg, who sued the British government over his extrajudicial detention at Guantanamo Bay, was stripped of his UK passport. Royal Prerogative – the same authority on which Turing was pardoned – was invoked by the Home Office on the grounds that his freedom of movement was “not in the public interest”. Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling who signed the request for pardon, has – just in time for Christmas – banned prisoners from receiving parcels and packages.

Just as we oppose police brutality and repression against our political opponents, LGBTQ people can take no comfort in the state granting us freedoms by the same means it uses to abuse the freedoms of others.

State oppression of LGBTQ people in the UK of course didn’t end with the decriminalisation of similar-sex relationships. This is the first year that anyone who began secondary education in England after the repeal of Section 28 will graduate from university. Instead of fighting to rid the country of its shadow of ignorance and prejudice, we are having to fight its reinstitution through web filters, which are blocking access to basic information on LGBTQ health and well-being – bitterly ironic given Turing’s own immeasurable contribution to computing.

The web has given LGBTQ adults access to the information and support networks we needed to plug just some of the gaps in a generation of neglect. We should in turn demand that LGBTQ youth are allowed unfettered access to vital information about their own sexual/romantic orientations and gender identities. Simple “ok to be gay” platitudes are not enough. LGBTQ people – all people – deserve free and open access to a health service which promotes their mental, physical and sexual health.

Nor has the state divested from intrusion into and regulation of our orientations and identities. LGBQ people seeking asylum – if not told to simply leave and pretend otherwise – are made to prove their orientation in the courts. Trans people seeking basic legal recognition of their identities must pay for the privilege of the Courts and Tribunals Service prying into – and adjudicating on – the legitimacy of their gender. These submissions are no less of an intrusion than Turing’s own 5 page confession. We are who we say we are, and no government holds the authority to say otherwise.

The ceremony of the pardon then – “reflecting the exceptional nature of Alan Turing’s achievements” or not – stands in clear contrast to the reality of this (and all previous) UK government’s bureaucratic acceptance of LGBTQ people’s lives, and civil liberties more generally. There is plenty yet to be done in spite of the veiled triumphalism of today’s announcement.

For now perhaps the most fitting ministerial pronouncement to LGBTQ people past and present is that offered to Alan Turing in 2009 by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

We are sorry, you deserved better

Arrest of Daniel Cooper: Statement from Royal Holloway Anti-Cuts Alliance

Last night at least fifteen police officers, both uniformed and undercover, were present at Royal Holloway Student Union engaging in the profiling and searching of students. No students were consulted prior to the operation.

The extensive and heavy-handed police presence created an unsafe and intimidating environment. When one student, ULU Vice President Daniel Cooper, attempted to challenge police action he was man-handled to the ground by seven officers and subsequently arrested. He still has not been released.

We strongly condemn the presence of police on our university campus. We demand that police presence be limited to exceptional circumstances.

We further condemn the arrest of Daniel Cooper for merely challenging the police on their stop and search policy.

We call on the principal and his management team to join us in condemning the arrest of Daniel Cooper and demand they revoke the police’s permission to parade on campus uninvited by students.


Edinburgh welcomes UKIP

Nigel Farage taken away by police

Max Crema, Vice-President Services of Edinburgh University Students’ Association and NCAFC secretariat 

This article was originally posted to and cross-posted with the author’s consent.

In the tightly controlled and pre-tested world of politics it’s not often that an event occurs which doesn’t fit into a narrative. A company will go bust and left-leaning papers will decry deregulation while their counterparts demand more. A speech will occur, a bill will be passed, a by-election will be won and you can easily predict the media packaging and allegiance for each event.

However, sometimes the narrative doesn’t fit.

After countless stories claiming a swelling rise in the popularity of UKIP, London’s fourth estate received a shock yesterday when suddenly the politics of the rest of the UK were forced onto their radar. While UKIP may well be the talk of the table at many home county dinner parties, the press suddenly found themselves confronted with a spectacle (and let’s be honest – a damn fine piece of political theatre at that) which didn’t match the UKIP triumphalism being trumpeted in my morning paper.

In the initial hours following the protest news reports were couched in uncertain and guarded terms. Reports almost appeared to be a fair reflection of the events which took place. However, it wasn’t long before sides were picked and narratives were found to explain this spectacle. Websites were updated and the protest became a mob, anti-racism protesters became Scottish nationalists, and cheerful jeering became violence while on the opposite side of the spectrum reports were produced which romanticised the protest to such a point that I wondered if it was the same protest I had attended only a few hours before.

The story is actually quite simple.

It was a group of (maybe 20) students who started it. We had been tipped off that Nigel had flown up for a press conference in a pub and decided to go down and see what all the fuss was about. We entered the press conference in a pub and began politely asking Nigel questions about his party’s racist history and policies. The Bar staff offered us chips. After roughly 20 minutes of Nigel ignoring our questions and speaking only to reporters frustration grew and some chanting and or heckling may have started.

Eventually, all of us get asked to leave the pub by the staff, “you too Mr. Farage”, (apparently he didn’t bother asking the pub’s staff for permission to use their pub for a press conference) and so Nigel goes outside to be greeted by an angry protest against UKIP and their policies.

This is where it gets good.

Nigel then attempted to hold another press conference across from the pub in which he faced a similar level of disruption. Realising that the conference was a lost cause he then attempted to hail a cab. The first’s driver slowed down, but upon recognising him refused to unlock his doors and drove off again. The second allowed Nigel into the cab but upon realising his identity refused to accept Nigel’s fare and wouldn’t move until he had left the cab.

At this point the police escorting Nigel decided to return to the pub they had just been kicked out of. Finally, Nigel had to wait for the police to bring a van up alongside the pub for him to be driven away in in what must have been the most ignominious end to a political visit to Scotland in living memory.

I’m proud of the folks who came out today to protest against UKIP’s xenophobic, racist, and homophobic views. I think we made it pretty clear that he’s not welcome in Scotland, not welcome anywhere!

Save Epsom and St Helier A&Es!

On st-helier-hospitalTuesday 7th May Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will decide the fate of the A&E units of St Helier and Epsom hospitals. Not only will the loss of these units be a huge loss to the community, but all patients will be directed to the already-overstretched Kingston A&E unit. As a result, Kingston Keep Our NHS Public are holding a demonstration outside the meeting of the CCG at the Guildhall (on the High Street) at 12 noon on Tuesday and are calling for the saving of these 3 local hospitals. The good news is that only 1 of the 7 local CCGs needs to reject the plan in order for the motion to fall, which makes it even more important for activists to get down there and show their support for their local hospitals.


Location: Guildhall, High Street, Kingston, KT1 1EU

Time: 12 noon, Tuesday 7th May

Organised by Kingston Keep Our NHS Public

Recognising differences of ability

Over the past few months I have developed access needs relating to mobility and energy levels. This has led to limitations on how much activism I can do and in what form that can take. In this article I want to highlight a few major problems which need to be addressed so that all comrades can better understand disability and how best to act so that all comrades, regardless of their ability, feel they can participate with the group and whatever campaigns they wish.

As someone who is currently going through the process of understanding the limits of my abilities and energy levels, it’s become apparent that some comrades have a poor conception of disability issues. It has been assumed by many that I, and many others, can continue to be as active as we were before we had a disability. In some cases, it is just assumed that everyone has the same abilities as others and this is particularly a problem when it comes to ‘how active’ someone is within a particular campaign. It has been said that some ‘can’t be bothered’ to go to meetings or conferences and so on, without a single thought of the reasons why someone can’t attend. Many people on the left have disabilities of some kind, whether it’s a mental disability or a physical one. This is the reason why many people can’t attend everything, or write loads of articles, or stage mass interventions at conferences. It is not laziness or apathy or a lack of dedication to a cause. It is a lack of understanding on the part of able comrades to accept that most activists aren’t sabbs (most of whom are able) who can go out and do a week or even a day of activism and it not result in burnout. Furthermore, most of those who perpetuate this ableist behaviour have other privileges (straight, white, cis and/or men) which makes it even harder for those disabled activists who fall into other liberation groups to call people up on it.

When comrades feel pressured to do more activism than that which they are capable of, the able members of an organisation need to look at what they are doing wrong and how they can rectify this. Simply asking people in a sincere and non-pressuring way if they are able to do certain things helps because it means that people aren’t put in a position of feeling they have to commit themselves to more than they are able to do. Job-sharing is another important way of making positions open and accessible to disabled activists, as well as those with caring responsibilities. But most importantly, people need to believe others when they say they can’t make something because of a disability. Complaining because someone can’t make many meetings when you know they have a disability is a pervasive issue of ableism in our movement and it needs to be sorted right now.

Disabled people don’t always feel comfortable calling others out when they’re doing ableist things, so the onus is on the able people to check themselves and realise when they have done something ableist. Moreover, disabled activists shouldn’t have to explain their limits to others. Everyone should be more perceptive to others’ limits and be responsive to those limits, so that less-able activists can still feel part of the movement, which hasn’t been the case recently.


Jack Saffery-Rowe

Daily Transphobic Fail

Daily Failings

By Thais Yanez, NCAFC LGBTQ+ Officer, Trans* Place


The death of Ms. Lucy Meadows is not just another statistic or tragedy we have to protest against, it is the result of a campaign of bullying and discrediting led by the Daily Mail and Richard Littlejohn who would have Transgender people like Lucy disappear quietly and move away from their neighbourhoods. According to the columnist Lucy Meadows was “not only in the wrong body… he’s in the wrong job”

In addition to the constant hateful reference to Lucy as a ‘he’ (as though if he said it enough ‘she’ would go away indeed), no attention was paid to her record as a teacher or the fact that parents, pupils and colleagues might have been supportive of her decision to transition. Littlejoh is in fact the actual man in totally the wrong job as he has dismissed his duty to truth and investigative journalism and used his column to spread his personal views which are fiull of hatred, bigotry and transphobia.

Last year we in the Trans* community had to mourn 267 of our sisters and brothers lost to transphobic hate crime which was largely ignored by the media. And that is the ones we know. Suicides seldom go reported as transphobia. We are in constant mourning as a community but it is ther families and friends whose lives have been shattered and whose loss we feel and we send our most heartfelt sympathy.

It is said there is no clear link between Lucy’s death and Littlejohn’s article of media coverage but the Guardian reports activists in the Trans* community received e mails from Meadows complaining about the stress she felt after her private and difficult transition became national news thanks to the Daily Mail. A heretofore competent teacher was portrayed in the triggering article as a ‘selfish’ ‘man’ who should have had “ the operation and then return to work as ‘Miss Meadows’ at another school on the other side of town” . Like if it would have been so easy to find another job. Unemployment in the Trans* community is high and thanks to bigotry like this is likely to remain so.

The Trans* people who go through with transitioning will testify how the process is not only stressful and lengthy but invasive and even dehumanising, as well,  as they are pathologised. Littlejohn hismself asserts he is ok with ‘sex changes as long as they are a medical necessity’. Thanks, then.  Trans* people are forced to justify their very existence to professionals that have never gone through anything alike. As queer/non binary person I can only imagine and sympathise with sisters and brothers who are put through this but I would not attampt to describe their feelings and experiences.

And like if this wasn’t enough Littlejohn patronisingly implies that children, who still believe in Father Christmas, he says, are too dumb to understand gender identity. I wonder if he would have them being brought up with his transphobic values instead, if they are not too young to be taught hatred and discrimination. Why does not safeguarding of children extends to the very paper on which he writes whose page 3 shows these children half naked women and teaches them thus that women can be objectified and exploited? Why does he not safeguard children from prejudice and intolerance that destroy lives?

His false cries for freedom of speech should not be louder than ours for freedom to exist.

Bigots don’t seem to realise they are harming children to the point of it being abusive by raising them up to hate others and have total disregard for other people’s rights. Why doesn’t Littlejohn complain about EDL members raising children. Why did not he show outrage when the French right wing Le Marif per tous held a rally in Trafalgar square to protests agains equal marriage on 24th of March and the dozens of children as young as three shouting against LGBTQ people getting equal rights. This group, which is banned in France, did not catch the attention of Littlejohn who seems to be only in the lookout for someone to bully to death. And he found Lucy. Rest in Peace, Miss Meadows.

e, Miss Meadows.

DEMONSTRATE against Homophobic Rally!!


We are no longer meeting at 11am as the time of the demonstration has changed.



Date: 24 March, 2013 – 13:30 – 16:00


Trafalgar Square, London

The French moralist group La Manif pour Tous are holding a demonstration against same-sex marriage on Palm Sunday to coincide with a similar demo in Paris. (see )

This rally against the right of same-sex couples to marry is an assault on equality. It is a demonstration of bigotry, cloaked in the language of ‘family values’.

The best way to combat this is to show the widespread support for the bill at the same time as these bigots want to deny it.

Please join us on the 24th to show your support for same-sex marriage.

Contact 07883607506 for more info

*Banner making session will take place on Saturday 23 March at 14:00 at the Unite HQ: Unite House, 128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn, London, WC1X 8TN

Call the number above for details

PROTEST Transphobia!!

TPOWERLast Wednesday 22nd of February our sister Ms. Dos Santos was victimised and mocked by police officers claiming she was ‘not normal’. When is this going to end? We face transphobia eevryday even from those who are ment to be there to protect us. If not even an allegedly LGBTQ friendly space like SOHO is safe equality and Liberation are far far away!


This protest is not only about or by or for Trans* people but everyone! It starts like this! 267 sisters and brothers in our community were murdered last year around the world and that is only the ones we know about! Most of them In Brazil. It was distressing and upsetting for us to read or hear their names in Transgender Day of Rememberence last November.

This is about basic Human Rights and the freedom to exist and lead meaningful lives. Martin Luther King said he had a dream: that his four children were “one day be judged not by the color of their skin but bybut by the content of their character” We have that dream too! We are thousands and we do not wish to be judged, victimised, taunted, mocked or killed.

According to witnesses, as reported by the Independanet (which nevertheless named HER with a man’s name) Ms Dos Santos ” had her wig ripped from her head, her handbag and purse literally emptied out on the road, so her personal belongings were damaged and scattered around her” she was then told to be ‘normal’. I do not want to know what our sister has gone through before, but a country like  UK which claims to be accepting is appaling as it fails to protect its residents from attacks some of us have fled from.


Join the PROTEST TRANSPHOBIA PROTEST at Charing Cross Station to actively resist discrimination, victimisation and prejudice. RESIST TRANSPHOBIA! Let’s make sure it won’t happen againg. EVER! LIBERATION, INTERNATIONALISM, ANTI RACISM AND AN END TO TRANSPHIC ATTACKS!!!


Royal Holloway calls for Philip Hammond to resign over homophobic comments

Students protest against Philip Hammond

Last night, Royal Holloway Students’ Union (SURHUL) passed a motion calling for Philip Hammond to resign from his posts as both defence secretary and MP for Runnymede and Weybridge.

The proposers were NCAFC LGBTQ rep Jack Saffery-Rowe and Joe Rayment, who were both present in the meeting in which, among other comments, Mr Hammond said, when asked why two people who love each other shouldn’t get married, replied “Well, we don’t let siblings get married either”.

The motion overwhelmingly passed after half an hour of heated discussion.

Part of the motion called for the motion itself to be proliferated through student and liberation networks. And so, we hereby publish the motion and hope that those who agree with it propose it at their unions. Only through collective action on this can we call Mr Hammond to account on his blatantly homophobic comments made on the 25th January.


Motion to call for the resignation of Philip Hammond MP

This Union notes

  1. that Philip Hammond, MP for Runnymede and Weybridge, met with two members of this Union on Friday 25th January ahead of a talk he gave at the university on defence for the Politics and International Relations Society.
  2. that at that meeting he made numerous homophobic arguments against the forthcoming same-sex marriage bill, which will be put before Parliament this month, including comparing the relationship for a same-sex couple with that of two siblings.[1][2]
  3. that when later questioned on whether he said this, he has admitted to doing so.[3]

This Union believes

  1. that any two people who love each other and are committed to each other should be allowed to marry.
  2. that marriage is a right, not a privilege, regardless of sex, race, gender or ability.
  3. that homophobia is never excusable.
  4. that elected officials are in the public eye and so comments like the ones Philip Hammond made are not only appalling in themselves, but moreover promote homophobia in all its forms.

This Union mandates

  1. the President and Vice-President (Communications and Campaigns) to publicly call for the resignation of Philip Hammond. This should be done by:
    1. writing a blog post to be publicized on the website.
    2. publishing this blog in the Union’s media outlets.
    3. to write a letter on this issue to the Prime Minister.
    4. to adapt this motion as a model motion to be sent to other Students’ Unions around the country, using the NUS Jisc email, the NUS Zone and Liberation email lists, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, the London Liberation Network, ULU and other student networks.
    5. the Vice-President (Communications and Campaigns) to write to NUS and request that they publish this model motion and an explanation on their website.


Proposed: Jack Saffery-Rowe (Campaigns sub-committee)

Seconded: Joe Rayment (Union Chair), Jamie Green (VPComCam), Oli Rushby (Student Trustee), Tom Harris (Academic Affairs Officer), Rose Walker (Campaigns sub-committee)



[3] On Radio 5Live’s Breakfast show on 31st January



Human rights are “a silly game”, according to defence minister Philip Hammond

Philip HammondTonight, over sixty people took part in an LGBTQ rights protest at Royal Holloway University against the Tory Minister for Defence, Philip Hammond, who is also the local MP for Runnymede and Weybridge. Hammond was giving a talk on his defence policy at the university. Hammond has in recent days made his opposition to same-sex marriage public, and has previously voted against many gay rights bills including the repeal of Section 28.  Present at the protest were activists from NCAFC-affiliate the Royal Holloway Anti-Cuts Alliance, representatives from the Students’ Union, student societies including Amnesty, Labour and LGBT, local members of the Young Greens, and from Workers’ Liberty, staff members, and a delegation from the neighbouring college’s NUT branch.

When the planned protest gained momentum, the minister’s aides agreed to meet two students to hear the protestors’ grievances. I was one of them and the other was Union Chair Joe Rayment. We questioned Hammond about his opposition to the Same-Sex Marriage Bill, and he responded that the bill would “redefine marriage” and appealed to its ‘tradition’. We responded that marriage, like many civil institutions, had hardly remained static, and that regardless equal rights should trump tradition. Hammond objected to religious groups being forced to marry same-sex couples, ignoring that the bill does not do this – and that religious opinion about same-sex marriage ranges from conservative opposition to support (for example from the Quakers), and has changed over time as well. He claimed that Maria Miller’s ‘quadruple lock’ of exemptions is not “robust enough” – in other words, does not do enough to limit same-sex marriage.

Hammond suggested that civil partnerships were sufficient, and we stated that for many people marriage was an important religious, or cultural, event, and that civil partnerships represented an ‘equal but separate’ divide in the law. As I wormed through his incoherent excuses, his homophobia surfaced. when questioned why I shouldn’t have the same rights as a heterosexual couple, he brushed the question aside as a “silly game” talking about human rights. And when asked why the state should be allowed to say who can and who cannot have their relationship recognized by the law, he retorted that you wouldn’t allow “two siblings who loved each other to get married”. He equated the love of a same-sex couple with incest*. This is the bile that the right-wing of the Tory party are pushing: the Victorian maxim that anything other than love between a man and a woman is as invalid as incest. He then abruptly left our meeting for his talk discussing Britain’s defence strategy and latest arms deals, pausing only to call use juvenile as we refused to shake his hand.

As he did so, he was greeted by protestors’ chants of ‘Gay, straight, black, white: marriage is a civil right’, ‘Hey,( hey), ho, (ho), homophobia’s got to go’, ‘Say it loud, say it clear, bigots are not welcome here’, ‘Unequal rights? We don’t buy it: we remember the Stonewall riots’, and ultimately, ‘Fuck off Philip Hammond, you homophobe’.

We plan to continue the campaign, having a variety of talks, film showing and action-planning meetings arranged for LGBTQ History month, and will visit Hammond’s surgery to continue protesting. NCAFC LGBTQ caucus will publicise and support any action confronting homophobic politicians, and urge you to organise them too.

Jack Saffery-Rowe

LGBTQ rep (open place)

(Demo photos to follow)

*EDIT: This post was written directly after the meeting with Philip Hammond. We were not allowed recording equipment in the meeting itself and so had to jot down what he said directly afterwards; this was complicated further by the mindset I was in directly after Mr Hammond refused to tell me that I shouldn’t be allowed to marry whom I love. When originally writing this I omitted the details concerning Mr Hammond’s comparison of same-sex marriage with incest. Though he did’t use the word ‘incest’ but strongly implied that you wouldn’t let siblings married. Joe asked “What right does the state have to tell two people who love each other that can’t get married.” he replied”Well, you we don’t allow siblings to get married either”.