Defend FE: Support the fight back at LeSoCo!


(NCAFC conference on 14 June in solidarity with the LeSoCo struggle)

Since 2009, cuts have decimated Further Education. With the re-election of the Tories, these cuts look set to continue and deepen – but workers and students in FE are fighting back.

Lewisham and Southwark College, in South London, is at the sharp end. It faces the closure of its Camberwell Campus, the closure of the Pozyganza social enterprise for students with learning difficulties, the closure of Trade Union Studies, cuts to dyslexia and disability support and cuts to English classes. Up to 200 jobs are under threat.

Rebecca Galbraith, a UCU rep at LeSoCo, said: “Our cuts are by far the worst in London. The cuts will decimate the college, lead to further financial trouble and have a huge impact on our local community.”

What you can do to build solidarity

1. Support the strikes!

Thursday 18 and Friday 19 June

Picket lines from 7.30am at:
∙ Waterloo site, 25 The Cut, SE1 8LF
∙ Camberwell site, Southampton Way SE5 7EW
∙ Lewisham site, Lewisham Way, SE4 1UT
∙ Deptford site, Deptford Church Street, SE8 4RZ

Thursday 18th – 10.45am to 11.15am: Rally in defence of education outside the Lewisham Way campus.
Friday 19th – 10.30am: Hands up for Camberwell! All supporters are asked to head to Camberwell for a demonstration in support of the campus.

2. Online presence

Like the campaign’s Facebook page here.


For more information email [email protected] and check out

Beth Redmond’s speech for NUS President

bethThis is the speech given by NCAFC’s Beth Redmond in the 2015 election for National Union of Students president. [Read more…]

The student movement must stand up for migrants’ rights!

isBy Beth Redmond

I’m calling for NUS and the whole student movement to organise, mobilise and speak up for migrants’ rights.

With the rise of UKIP, and the “mainstream” parties who created the conditions for it pandering to its anti-immigration agenda, this could not be more urgent. The general election has become a festival of anti-migrant bigotry – driven by UKIP, the Tories, the right-wing press and, shamefully, the collaboration of the Labour Party. [Read more…]

Show your support for Lewisham!

SAIL demo2

Hundreds of students, education workers, parents and supporters marched through the South London borough of Lewisham on 21 March as part of their campaign to stop four schools being turned into academies.

NCAFC is building solidarity with the Lewisham struggle.

poster1. Join the picket lines on 24 and 25 March

The four schools will be on strike again on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 March. We’ll be going to at least one of the picket lines, if you’d like to come with us get in touch: [email protected]

2. Please also take a solidarity photo!
Download a poster here you can print off to do a photo with.

If you take a picture, please email it to us, post it on the NCAFC Facebook group or tweet it to @NCAFC_UK and @SAILewisham

Below are some solidarity photos NCAFC supporters and others have done already.

They were taken across the country, including in London, the West Midlands and Sheffield. They are mostly student activists but also include members of the trade unions RMT, Unison, UCU, NUT and Unite. We’ll post more soon.










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Solidarity with students, workers and parents in Lewisham: STOP ACADEMIES!

A strong campaign has started in the South London borough of Lewisham to stop four schools being turned into academies.

A community campaign has been set up, workers at the schools (organised by NUT, NASUWT and GMB) have already held two very well-supported strikes (the last one on 5 March) and students have organised really impressive actions including walkouts and sit ins, insisting against management on their right to protest.

A Lewisham NUT member told us:

“If our campaign wins it will be a significant blow to the spread of academies, and could have a major impact on the course of education policy. If its defeated that will have consequences too. We need solidarity!”

NCAFC sends solidarity to the campaign and will be working with school students in South London Defend Education to spread info and organise the widest possible support in the student movement. More soon!

Learn more

Stop Academies in Lewisham website
SAIL Facebook page
Save Prendergast Facebook page run by students at three of the schools under threat
Student protest page
Video made by Prendergast students: “We say No to academies because…”

What you can do

Write to the bureaucrats involved expressing support for the community’s demand for democracy in how the decision is made

More on what you can do soon!

NATIONAL DEMO, 28 March: Living grants not a graduate tax! Demand Labour commits to free education!

liambyrne3On Saturday 28 March, student activists from around the country will march and rally in Birmingham – where Labour higher education spokesperson Liam Byrne has his parliamentary seat – to demand the Labour Party commits to free education. [Read more…]

SHOW OF SOLIDARITY: Support our Warwick comrades! (12 January)

warwickWarwick University students are demonstrating on 12 January in support of their arrested comrades. Please support them.

2.30pm, Monday 12 January
Coventry Central Police Station
[Read more…]

“Educate, agitate, organise” – speech by Beth Redmond


The following speech was given in the opening plenary at NCAFC conference in Manchester in December – by Beth Redmond, one of the lead organisers of the 19 November national demo for free education and the left candidate for President of NUS. [Read more…]

17 December London protest against cuts to education and youth services

borisThe NCAFC is supporting this protest against Boris Johnson, Mayor of London – the scrooge that is planning on cutting millions of pounds from education and youth services in London this Christmas. [Read more…]

Lambeth College strike rally, Wednesday 17 December

The Lambeth College workers’ strike against attacks on their terms and conditions is continuing. Please build solidarity, starting with their rally on 17 December – 12 noon, outside their Clapham Common site. More details below. [Read more…]