NATIONAL DEMO, 28 March: Living grants not a graduate tax! Demand Labour commits to free education!

liambyrne3On Saturday 28 March, student activists from around the country will march and rally in Birmingham – where Labour higher education spokesperson Liam Byrne has his parliamentary seat – to demand the Labour Party commits to free education. [Read more…]

SHOW OF SOLIDARITY: Support our Warwick comrades! (12 January)

warwickWarwick University students are demonstrating on 12 January in support of their arrested comrades. Please support them.

2.30pm, Monday 12 January
Coventry Central Police Station
[Read more…]

“Educate, agitate, organise” – speech by Beth Redmond


The following speech was given in the opening plenary at NCAFC conference in Manchester in December – by Beth Redmond, one of the lead organisers of the 19 November national demo for free education and the left candidate for President of NUS. [Read more…]

17 December London protest against cuts to education and youth services

borisThe NCAFC is supporting this protest against Boris Johnson, Mayor of London – the scrooge that is planning on cutting millions of pounds from education and youth services in London this Christmas. [Read more…]

Lambeth College strike rally, Wednesday 17 December

The Lambeth College workers’ strike against attacks on their terms and conditions is continuing. Please build solidarity, starting with their rally on 17 December – 12 noon, outside their Clapham Common site. More details below. [Read more…]

Take action this week: cops off campus! Solidarity with Warwick!

In solidarity with the Warwick students, who last week faced police brutality when they were beaten and attacked with CS spray, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is calling for actions by students this week.

We are calling on students to march, protest, occupy buildings and find other, creative ways of showing their support for the students of Warwick, and to demand cops off campus and support the movement for free education.
warwick brutality
Please post news of your plans and actions in the NCAFC facebook group, and email reports to [email protected]
Keep an eye on for news of actions as the week goes on!

Leeds UCU motion on “Cops off campus” struggle

Leeds UCU has passed the following motion – please move a version in your trade union branch.

This branch notes:
1. That on the 3 December 2014, students at Warwick University were holding a peaceful sit-in protest on campus in support of the national day of action for free education called by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. [Read more…]

Protest on 10 December: Defend student-worker solidarity! Don’t deport Jason!

jasonml1Jason Moyer-Lee is a graduate of SOAS, an activist with the IWGB trade union and an organiser for the 3 Cosas Campaign for sick pay, holidays and pensions for outsourced workers at University of London. SOAS management have rejected his request for visa sponsorship: we need to send them a clear message and make them change their minds.

Protest: Don’t deport Jason!
12.30pm, Wednesday 10 December
School of Oriental and African Studies

Facebook event here

In addition to the fact that NCAFC has worked closely with Jason (he took part in the speaker tour we co-organised with the 3 Cosas Camapaign in January), this is more generally an important battle. Please come to the protest and do what you can to support.

The campaign says:

“The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), a constituent college of the University of London, has rejected two applications for visa sponsorship by #3cosas organizer and SOAS graduate Jason Moyer-Lee. Why? “Because of his involvement in the cleaners campaigns. Jason’s visa runs out at the end of this month, and if SOAS does not reverse its decision he will be forced to leave the country.
“This issue affects all of us! If UK universities are allowed to revoke or reject visa sponsorship to their international students because of their political activity then a very dangerous precedent will be set. Universities are keen to bring in international students to make money, but the message SOAS is sending to international students is: “You better behave yourself while you’re here or you will pay for it!”
“We are calling this protest to make clear that forcing Jason out of the country because of his support for cleaners’ campaigns is NOT ACCEPTABLE!”

Also more here.

18 December – London protest for International Migrants Day

March for Migrant Rights, London Oct 7, 2006By Shreya Paudel (NUS International Students’ Officer and NCAFC)

On Thursday 18 December, UN International Migrants Day, National Union of Students (International Students Campaign), NUS (Black Students Campaign), London Black Revolutionaries, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and DocsNotCops are co-organising a protest for migrants’ rights at the Home Office. [Read more…]

Mexico student solidarity motion submitted to NUS National Executive

redmexicohandThe following motion, submitted by NUS Scotland President Gordon Maloney, will be debated at NUS National Executive Council on 2 December. [Read more…]