Mexico student solidarity motion submitted to NUS National Executive

redmexicohandThe following motion, submitted by NUS Scotland President Gordon Maloney, will be debated at NUS National Executive Council on 2 December. [Read more…]

Motion on follow up from 19 November demo, sent by UCLU to NUS London Council

uclu2UCL Union has submitted the following motion to the NUS London Council (conference) on 7 December – noting the success of the free education demo; resolving to continue the campaign for free education; condemning police violence; responding to politicians’ response to the demo; and condemning the NUS leadership for their withdrawal of support. [Read more…]

NCAFC CONFERENCE, 12-14 December: After the demo, what next for the student movement?

ncafcsmallNCAFC National Conference takes place in Manchester and will run from the evening of Friday 12 to the afternoon of Sunday 14 December – more information here! [Read more…]

PROTEST: Solidarity with Ferguson – Justice for Michael Brown

At 7pm on Wednesday 26 November there will be solidarity protest/vigil outside the US embassy, about the murder of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the cop who killed him getting off free. Organised by and supported by London Black Revs, NUS Black Students’ Campaign, Defend the Right to Protest and others.

7pm, Wednesday 26 November
24 Grosvenor Square W1A 1LQ, London, United Kingdom
[Read more…]

19 November demo is part of global student week of actions


NCAFC is supporting the global “We are students not customers” student week of action, which is taking place 17-22 November (for more see here). [Read more…]

Some ideas for chants on 19 November demo!

bethmega1Here are some ideas for chants to use on the demonstration tomorrow. Please feel free to add more as comments! [Read more…]

Statement of support for free education demo from PCS union Young Members

A statement of support from the Young Members’ Network of the PCS trade union, which organises civil service workers. Thanks to the comrades! Originally published on their website here. [Read more…]

Bust card & know your rights workshop

This was originally posted on Defend the Right to Protest’s website, here.

If you’re going on next weeks free education demonstration use this downloadable bust card with key information on your rights if arrested/stopped and search and recommended lawyers who are there to help if needed. Here is a black and white version front and back

We are also hosting a know your rights workshop at our national conference this Sunday (16th November @SOAS) with Rachel Harger DtRtP, Kevin Blowe NETPOL and Taher Gulamhussein StopWatch who will address some of the key issues you might come across on a protest and how to deal with them. Printed bust cards will also be available for pick up.

If you can help on the day distributing bust cards give us a shout – email [email protected]

GBC are hosting a training day for Legal Observing on Saturday 15th November, 11am Start, London Action Resource Centre: 2 Fieldgate St, London E1 1ES . You can just turn up on the day, but it would be a help to email and confirm your [email protected]


How to fill up your coach

Here are a few tips by  Callum Cant, Warwick for Free Education, on how to fill up your coach!

To getbus people on your coaches to the National Demo, I reckon you need to do three things:

1. Inform
2. Convince
3. Motivate

A potential demo attendee needs to know the demo is happening, they need to be convinced that Free Education is something they should fight for, and finally they need to be motivated to get out onto the streets.

None of these process are impossible. Every decent activist can tell someone about the demo, argue for free education and convey how exciting and generally amazing this national demo will be. The challenge lies not in having to do something new or unprecedented. It lies in having to put in the work to talk to enough people, engage them and involve them in the movement.

If you look at the testimony which comes out of the Quebec 2012 student movement you quickly get a sense that movements are built by people who are willing to do the hard work of organising and spreading the word (

What we need to do now – on our campuses, in our halls, on our streets – is the basic organising that provides the infrastructure for any political movement. This is the time for building. Just think of that moment on November the 19th when you turn around, look over the thousands of students in Trafalgar square, and sense that strength that we have in numbers. That’s what we’re working for.

If you’re stuck for organising ideas, here are a few quick tactics we’re trying on Warwick campus which you might be able to apply to your situation:

  • Photo petitions – take a poster with you around campus. Get people to hold it and smile, take photos, upload to Facebook, tag, and watch your social media reach double.
  • Tabling – this is probably called something more comprehensible at other unis. For us it means setting up a stall (or table) outside, decorating it with lots of nice banners and leaflets and talking to people for a few hours.
  • Teach ins – Get a room, get some speakers, and talk about how important Free Education is.
  • Rallies – assemble everyone in a central space on campus. A public show of strength can do a lot to enthuse members of your group and encourage them to get more involved.
  • Stickers/posters/powder paint/chalk – make your campus look nice and the demo look well supported and people will be much keener to come along.
  • Door Knocking – go round halls talking to people.
  • Free Education house party – What do you get when you take one large student house, 100s of free education posters, a band and some refreshments? A huge (and hopefully fun) recruiting tool. Try playing that old party favourite, ‘pin the costs of education on the banker’… Or not.
  • Get your SU to advertise – they already promote hundreds of events a term, so they know what they’re doing. Get promo materials on the website, get them to hand out leaflets, get them to print posters, get them to send out emails – whatever you can.
  • Pre-demo hype meeting – so you have between 10-300 (maybe even more) people going to the demo. Get them all in a room, get some music playing, and let the excitement spread.

Good Luck from Warwick, we’ll see you on the 19th!


Students Support Kobane!

Beth Redmond, NCAFC National Committee

Student and youth activists will be taking part in the London rally in support of Kobane and Kurdistan on 1 November – to show our support for democratic and left forces, including student and youth movements, in the region fighting ISIS.

We also want to show solidarity with the thousands of students and school students in Turkey who have taken action, against their own government, to support the Kurdish struggle.

The struggle is one of international significance from a feminist’s perspective; whilst fighting for basic and fundamental human rights for women, such as not being sold as objects into slavery, the people on the battlefield at the forefront of the fighting are inspiring women.

They need our support. It is a crying shame how little solidarity the British left is showing the Kurdish people, but we can begin to change that this Saturday.

Please meet us 2pm (1 November) in Trafalgar Square, by the bottom of the steps in front of the National Gallery. Look out for the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts banner.

For more information, ring 07891 714 146 or email [email protected]