Political groups supporting NCAFC

protest2NCAFC is a coalition of activists with a range of political views, united by our shared goals and basic principles. We believe in organising and making decisions on the basis of open debate and democracy. Many of our members are in political organisations, which can choose to affiliate to NCAFC and support it, and we recognise those groupings and give them a voice in our democracy. For instance, affiliated political groups can submit motions to our conferences. At the same time, many of our members might be involved in a broad activist group on their campus, but aren’t in any political party or similar organisation.

The political organisations currently affiliated to the NCAFC are:

If your organisation has taken a democratic decision that it wants to affiliate to the NCAFC, please email us to let us know. We’ll take it to our National Committee or one of our Conferences for approval.

We keep in regular touch with affiliated organisations to let them know how they can get involved in action and participate in NCAFC democracy. In return, we ask affiliated organisations to take a few simple responsibilities to help push our cause forward:

  • Broadly support the core principles of NCAFC and publicly advertise their support for the Campaign.
  • Broadly support the activities of NCAFC by being practically involved and by contributing what resources they are able.
  • Actively encourage their individual student members to take individual membership of NCAFC and get involved in both the National Campaign and local campus activist groups.
  • Affiliated groups are free to disagree with NCAFC’s decisions and activities. We ask that they try to do so in a constructive, honest, and democratic way.