Take action on every campus on 29 Nov: Free Education Now, Tax the Rich!

warwick students occupy - historyWe need to take this fight back to our campuses after the demo. As well as holding our Winter Conference 9-10 December, we’re calling a national day of action on campuses around the country on Nov 29th, with the same demands: scrap all fees, living grants for all, stop the campus cuts.

This is an opportunity for you to link up with the students and workers who could not make it to the demo itself, and to engage those who saw the demo and now want to get involved. Whether it is a protest on campus, direct action, or a follow up meeting on or around this date, make sure to take lots of pictures and use #FreeEdNOW to link this action up with the dozens of other campuses also mobilising. Free education is within our grasp: let’s get back to our campuses, keep up pressure across the UK, and win.

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