Join the Free Education NOW speaker tour

This Autumn NCAFC will be running a speaker tour to spread our vision for education nationally and build for the Free Education NOW- Tax the Rich National Demo on November 15. Have the speaker tour visit you!

NCAFC activists will be traveling all over the UK to different schools and unis to talk about our demands for the demo- scrap all fees, living grants for all, and stop campus cuts. We are asking local anti-cuts groups, SUs, etc. to fill out the form below to secure a speaker before the time of the demo.

However, we are an organisation of volunteer activists, resourced by donations from activists and the occasional trade union – we don’t have much money! Producing enough publicity to spread the word around the country costs thousands of pounds. If you have any spare cash you can donate to the cost of building the demo, please do so using the button below.

If you are a student union or other well-resourced organisation that can pay to cover travel costs for the speaker coming to visit you, please indict that on the form- it would be greatly appreciated! Every donation we get allows us to help fund speaker’s travel for activists who don’t have access to much money.

If you’d like to host a speaker tour event or have a NCAFC activist come to your campus to speak just email againstfeesandcuts[at]

We can also support you by helping put you in touch with other speakers such as someone from a local UCU branch and with promotion such as by creating you an event photo from our template graphic, example below –

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