NCAFC Black: Statement on arms traders and fossil fuel companies

bae23NCAFC Black is aware of various companies that end up at careers fairs that are dangerous to the safety of the world and particularly the Global South through the wests plundering and neo-colonial wars.

Some to be aware of would be Arms companies which are generally trading in weaponry hence facilitating murder. Amongst them, one that regularly turns up to such fairs is BAE systems. BAE not only supply simple products to Saudi Arabia and Guantanamo Bay but are also known to supply parts for the Israeli F16 aircrafts which caused so much devastation in Gaza last year and in Lebanon last decade. For more information see here:

Caterpillar is another company that supplies bulldozers to the Israeli government to solidify the invasion of the West Bank through uprooting houses and plots of the Palestinians. More information on this company can be found here:

Oil and gas companies are no saints. Not only are they completely destroying the environment for personal gain, freedom of information requests have found strong connections between BP, Shell and the lobby to invade Iraq. The information can be found here:

We, of course condemn this plundering and neo-colonial agenda of western powers to further their market economy through such theft.

Click here to see our call-out for students to occupy their careers fairs.

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