salfordIn light of the recent outcome of the general election, around 20 students at Salford University have occupied the council chambers in the Old Firehouse Building on campus. They have produced a list of demands for university management:

1.We demand that the vice chancellor and university fight to protect international students, in light of the attacks by the current government.
2. We demand that the rights of all university workers to withdraw labour in protest, to be protected in absolute
3.We demand the university and VC fight for free education, and against the ongoing privatisation of our Universities
4. We demand that free and open access to the NHS is prioritised for every student.
5. We demand that the standards of accommodation and rates of rent be kept fair and just, in light of the economic situation for the most vulnerable of students.
6. We demand that the university actively fights the demonisation and social cleansing of disabled students by this governments.
7. We demand that the university continues to provide good access and services in regard to mental health.
8. We demand that the University condemns the racist border policies of the current government.
9. We demand that on-campus transport stays free for all students.
10. We demand that University enshrines and protects the right to peaceful protest, peaceful expression and peaceful direct action.



Please send messages of solidarity and if you’re in the area, come down and visit.

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