March for free education in your town: 31 January

10250217_824287557631159_3712977707441319733_nOn 31st January, we are calling for a day of local marches for free education. For the facebook event, click here.

The movement for free education has to be broad and based in communities as well as campuses. Education is a social good, and what we are demanding will benefit everybody – we have never talked just about the scrapping of fees, but about re-imagining a whole new education system.

Last December, marches for free education in local towns and cities were organised nationwide, from London and Brighton to traditionally sleepy towns like Bath & Chichester which had rarely seen political activity on the streets before. Now it’s time to march again, louder, bigger and stronger.

We cannot win this system by talking only to other students: there are a multitude of struggles going on in communities nationwide, from battles against academy chains bulldozing local comprehensive schools, to fights for English as a Second Language provision. Link up with these struggles; learn from their activists and build a movement together to march on your town on January 31.

Want help organising something? Send us an email at [email protected]



LONDON: We will be part of a student bloc on the March for Homes:
No free education without affordable accommodation!













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