Leeds UCU motion on “Cops off campus” struggle

Leeds UCU has passed the following motion – please move a version in your trade union branch.

This branch notes:
1. That on the 3 December 2014, students at Warwick University were holding a peaceful sit-in protest on campus in support of the national day of action for free education called by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.
2. That police and private security attacked the students using CS spray and drawing tasers.
3. That a number of students were assaulted and injured and several more arrested.
4. That this represents a further ratcheting up of police violence used against student activists on campus. This follows on from the disgraceful attack on peaceful student protesters at the University of London, Senate House in December 2013, and those at Birmingham University earlier this year.
This branch believes:
1. That the increasing criminalisation of protest on campuses is the result of the marketisation of our education system and institutions.
2. That this is turning universities and colleges into businesses in which corporate-style managements call in the police to protect institutions as private property in order to protect their private profits and to repress any opposition to the new neoliberal university.
This branch resolves to:
1. Send a message of support and solidarity to all the students concerned and to unreservedly condemn the escalating use of police violence on our campuses.
2. To call for the immediate resignation of the Warwick University Vice-chancellor and any University officers responsible for calling the police onto the campus.
3. To reaffirm our support for “Cops Off Campus” and to continue to defend the right of our students to protest and campaign.

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