NCAFC members to elect candidates for NUS leadership: nominations open now

Logo of the National Union of StudentsAs part of our National Conference 12-14 December, where we will debate and decide on plans for where to take our movement next, the NCAFC’s members will also select our endorsed candidates for the Presidency and Vice-Presidencies of the National Union of Students.

Nominations are open now and will close at 23:59 Monday 1 December [extended to 23:59 Saturday 6 December]. Please read the details below about submitting nominations.

Mass mobilisation and democratic organising for protest, direct action and industrial action are the NCAFC’s focus. As activists we work both within student union structures – transforming them where we can – and independently of them as much as we need to. We aim to build a movement in our campuses, workplaces and communities, not just to win control of formal organisations. It is tempting to imagine, as some on the left do, that electoral victories at the top could offer a short-cut past the hard work of developing a healthy, democratic movement and union from the bottom up – this is a mistake.

Nevertheless, participating in these elections is worthwhile because they are a platform – one of many opportunities to argue for our ideas, challenge the direction of the bureaucratised NUS, and present the alternatives of a principled, militant student movement and a fighting, democratic union. And though elected officers are no substitute for a movement, they can help to build that alternative if they remain connected to the movement that put them there.

Therefore our candidates must be selected by, and democratically accountable to, our movement. So we invite potential candidates to put their proposed political platforms forward, and we invite members to.

  • The conference will discuss NCAFC’s candidates for the following full-time NUS positions: President, Vice President (Further Education), Vice President (Higher Education), Vice President (Welfare), Vice President (Union Development) and Vice President (Society & Citizenship). Candidates must be available to run at the NUS National Conference on 21-23 April 2015. Other NUS elections will be discussed separately.
  • Nominations must be received at [email protected] by 23:59 Monday 1 December [extended to 23:59 Saturday 6 December]
  • Candidates can include members and non-members of the NCAFC.
  • Nominations should include a political statement of no more than 800 words. This should be text only, with no graphics. Statements will be reproduced publicly and on the NCAFC members’ forum for discussion, and we hope that as many members as possible will join debate on that forum in the run-up to the conference.
  • If possible, candidates should attend NCAFC Conference 12-14 December, where there will be hustings on the Sunday.
  • We would be grateful if candidates could indicate whether they fall within any liberation strands (by self-definition – Women, LGBT students, Disabled students, Black students) so that representation in our slate can be considered. However, this is optional.
  • The NCAFC will campaign for its selected candidates. Our members who are NUS delegates will be encouraged to vote accordingly, but are not required to do so.

See also: how to submit proposals and run for election to the NCAFC’s National Committee

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