PRESS RELEASE: thousands of students demonstrate nationwide in #copsoffcampus action

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Thousands of students all over the country have taken part in a day of action for #copsoffcampus – in opposition to police and management attacks on protest, and for public and democratic education. Students demonstrated in London and held protests and occupations across the country.

These actions are not just about the police: they are about a growing anti-privatisation and pro-workers’ struggles movement on campuses, which is facing heavy repression. That movement will continue.

Around 3000 protesters demonstrated all over the Bloomsbury area, taking back campus from the police presence that has been so heavy over the past few weeks. Some managed to get in to the Senate House compound, defying a draconian injunction taken out by the University of London.

The London demonstration was effective and successful. Despite being the largest demonstration  of its kind in over a year, no police were present on campus; campus was successfully reclaimed. After occupying a significant proportion of the campus, chanting slogans about privatisation in education and police violence, the demonstration went to the Royal Courts of Justice, demanding justice for Mark Duggan, whose inquest was expected to reach a verdict today.  Later, groups demonstrated all over the capital – from Westminster to New Scotland Yard. No reports of arrests have been received at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, students across the country took action. There were occupations from Aberdeen to Manchester. For more on these, check out our live blog of the day and the storify blog. 

A large meeting in London today approved another round of protest: a London demonstration on the 22nd January, and a national callout for a demonstration in Birmingham on 29th January – supported by a wide range of campus groups.

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