NCAFC Conference 2013: Register now

Registration is now open for the National Campaign against Fees and Cuts Conference on the 23rd and 24th November in Birmingham.

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Join student activists from across the UK for a weekend of discussion, debate and decision-making, as supporters of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and others come together to decide the way forward in our fights for free, publicly-run, democratic education.

We will hear from student and worker activists in the education sector about the latest developments in the direction the sector is going in; hear about the history of our movement; and discuss ongoing struggles.

Students and workers who have taken part in successful fights, such as the recent victory at Birmingham, will speak about the lessons of their recent victories – and we will discuss how best to support ongoing fights, such as the squeeze on staff at universities like Liverpool.

All students who oppose fees and cuts, and want to see a democratic, fair, free education system run by the people who work and study in it are welcome to come and get involved!

On the second day, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts will have a decision making conference, discuss motions and re-elect its national committee.

Information about agenda, submitting motions and standing for elections, as well as information about accommodation, venue and accessibility, will follow over the next few weeks.

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