PRESS RELEASE: Students to mobilise against rising debt

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Last week, the government announced a fresh new wave of attacks on the education system. These will include the privatisation of the student loan book; escalating terms on loan repayments; and scrapping swathes of scholarship funds.

These proposals constitute a continuation and escalation of the government’s attempts to privatise the sector. They mean that students and graduates will be shackled with even larger quantities of debt, and it takes even the most basic elements of higher education funding out of public hands.

Much of what the Coalition is planning is still unclear, and is being done without any semblance of a democratic mandate. Anyone who thinks that education should be an accessible public service must be willing to mobilise.

NCAFC will be calling days of direct action in early October targeted at organisations which have been complicit in the marketisation of education. We are also in active discussions about calling a national mobilisation in the autumn term. 


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