No to anti-semitism! Defeat support for “Zeitgeist” at NUS LGBT conference!

The following statement is being distributed at NUS LGBT conference by Jack Saffery-Rowe, one of the NCAFC LGBTQ Officers. Please circulate widely.


Amendment 309a: Don’t support Zeitgeist! Fight conspiracy theories and anti-semitism!

Amendment 309a to the ‘Fund education not war’ motion advocates support for “the Zeitgeist Movement”. Probably not many delegates know anything about this organisation. We should be highly alarmed that it has supporters in our campaign.

Instead of a socialist or anarchist analysis of capitalism which understands the system as rooted in capital’s exploitation of workers and drive to make profits, Zeitgeist deals in conspiracy theories. It distracts people’s attention from the real issues facing us, whether capitalist exploitation or the various forms of oppression capitalism generates.

But worse still, Zeitgeist shades into a narrative that involves a semi-hidden form of anti-semitism.
For a detailed discussion of the politics of Zeitgeist see the Scottish Socialist Youth website

See also this article from the Cambridge student newspaper Varsity

See also this article from left-wing blog the Third Estate

The Third Estate article explains:

“It is important that as widely as possible we can expose the anti-Semitic subtext to this film [Zeitgeist the Movie, which includes early 20th century racist Senator Louis McFadden and noted anti-semitic conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche]. We must expose the film as being cynically positioned to influence liberals and lefties. In targeting the ideas presented by Zeitgeist it is not enough to just quibble over details, rather we must be trying to understand the politics that this film overall is trying to portray. We need to read through the many layers of conspiracy theories here, and understand that there is one in particular that they want us to believe, and that this one is, of course, the most dangerous and pernicious.

“It is important to understand that the type of critique of society offered by the Zeitgeist movement cannot be separated from the Jewish conspiracy theory. One cannot take classic anti-Semitic texts, replace the word “Jew” with “international bankers”, or “international finance capital” and then believe that your theory is no longer anti-Semitic.”

Vote down amendment 304a, and have an argument with its supporters. We need to drive all forms of bigotry and discrimination out of our movement – including anti-semitism.

Jack Saffery-Rowe, SURHUL LGBT Officer-elect
07887 381 074
[email protected]

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  1. Barbara Neill says:

    The Zeitgeist Movement anti-Semitic? Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a member of Zeitgeist Maidstone and we are about being inclusive NOT decisive. Some of our respected members are Jewish, themselves so it makes no sense to accuse us of being anti-Semitic. Those of us who are awake to the need for change must work together to bring that change about. Please don’t allow yourselves to be driven by misinformation or fear. Let’s work together for a better future for everyone.

  2. Barbara Neill says:

    Apologies; “not decisive” should read, “not divisive”.

  3. Chris gardner says:

    The zeitgeist movement is in no way anti-Semitic
    It is a global movement with members from all race and creeds its ideas are for a resourced based economy which can only happen once the elite bankers running the world have been is not the fault of zeitgeist that these bankers and their families may have Jewish roots .if they were any other race or religion zeitgeist movement would hold exactly the same really need tho grow up open your eyes and see out of touch with reality you really are.its the year 2013 and still 30000 children die from starvation every day and all you can think of is anti-semi ism .you twat

  4. Steve Duffield says:

    Take off your tinfoil hat, do some real research rather than a Google search – watch this from last year …and then tell me TZM is anti Semitic… Thanks.

  5. Jay Clarke says:

    The Zeitgeist Movement obviously has nothing to do with anti-semitism. Anybody saying otherwise is either an ignoramus, a liar or both. Embarrassing rubbish like this doesn’t deserve the oxygen of publicity.

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