Student bloc joins 25,000-strong march to save Lewisham hospital

save-lewisham-hospital-AE-demo-26-January-2013-photo-15University of London Union and Goldsmiths Students’ Union organised a very successful ‘student bloc’ on the 25,000-strong Save Lewisham A&E demonstration on Saturday 26th January.

The feeder demonstration assembled at Goldsmiths at 11:30am and a lively contingent of several hundred students and education workers marched into Lewisham to meet the main demonstration. On the way, the feeder march picked up staff and students at Lewisham College and was joined by workers from other trade unions such as the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS).

The ‘student bloc’ was well supported by several students’ unions from across London. Student realise that the fight to save Lewisham Hospital is a test case not just for south London but for the NHS as a whole.

The NCAFC is continuing to support Save Lewisham A&E campaign and will be organising students in defence of the NHS in line with the policy agreed at our December conference (see here).

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