National Day of Action – 23 Nov – Defend Education, Fight Privatisation!

Following the national demonstration in London on 9 November, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is organising a national Day of Action on 23 November to keep the movement mobilised and step up the pressure.

Whether you’re at school, college or university, whether you think you can organise a mass walk out or occupation or a small protest, please take action alongside students across the country on this day. Trade unionists and other campaigners can support the action too.

Please post info about your local actions and plans on this event.

We are mobilising around the following:

Scrap fees – Free education – Living grants/EMA for all – Stop the White Paper – Nationalise the universities – Tax the rich, take over the banks

We are challenging university heads to pledge not to make cuts or convert universities into profit-making companies.

It is vital that we use this Day of Action to make solidarity with the public sector strike day on 30 November, and make links with workers in struggle on our campuses and in our towns.

What you can do:
1. Organise a local demo
2. Organise a walk out from your school or college
3. Occupy your university
4. Link up with local trade union branches to build for November 30

Get in touch for help and advise: email [email protected] or ring 07775 763 750 or 07840 136 728

More info, materials, updates etc will appear on this site soon.

Facebook event:


  1. The banker says:

    Unfortunately, no one personn seem to understand the true extent of the euro crisis, i mean where is the money going to come from for more education. Understand Labour massively over spent! for over 15years!!!! these are the real time – WAKE UP!!!!!! we are close to bust!!!!!!!

  2. Miss Yolanda Day says:

    Quite frankly, I think the coalitions decision to increase university fees is absolutely disgraceful. I do not believe for one second that anyone of those who upheld the policy, did not realise the potential for huge increase in class, social, financial, moral and geographical division. An absolute judicial travesty. No doubt this filters into the coalitions wish to create THEIR ‘Big Society’ and surreptitiously into the european unions wish for THEIR, much touted ‘New World Order’. A devoutly hierarchical system that will punish those thoughtless enough to have been born into poverty by offering low cost, low standard, part-time, usually vocational qualifications (at this point I must point out that I am not against vocational practise per se, only that which is of low quality and undervalued). Those further up the ladder will fair no better, being left to lounge in a growing bubble of self officiated superiority, alienating themselves further from the lower masses that supply them with their menial taskforces. Deftly traversing the course of conscience telling them that they are enjoying the spoils of the people they are supposed to serve. I am not suggesting government is an easy task, life is not an easy task……but this is WRONG.

  3. nordictroll says:

    i just wanted to say that i left school when i was 17 in 2001/2 becuase i had no computer/internet and no uniform and food was a bit scarse_ [true] i went to 2 community colleges bt still suffered from inequity and social/cultural changes of colleges in local communities_ i took a career development loan when i was 19 to do a btec and only just payed it off when i was 25_ i lost everything and everyone i thought i knew…. im still on minimum wage today and im 27yrs old_ im a second yr uni student and when i graduate [28yrs] i hope to get a semi-professional office job… and maybe my own flat somehow_

    at uni i have no skills at all compared to everyone who went to grammar school or had 1-2-1 tuition. bt i honestly think that the cost of tuition fees should rise to at least 12-16k on all sectors for numerous and obvious reasons _ infrastructure and transparency of syllabus integrity

    what do you want ? logans run?????????>?

  4. Robert Carter says:

    Good luck to everyone, look at the students of Chile who have been subjected to tear gas and police brutality for months, we may be at the start of our struggle, but we are the 99% we can not, must not fail ourselves and future generations.

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