NCAFC statement on police violence threats


The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts condemns the threats of the Metropolitan Police that rubber bullets may be deployed against student protesters on the November 9th national demonstration

The statements, released at a press conference today, were not co-ordinated with us as the organisers of the demonstration – and are part of a deeply cynical attempt to pre-criminalise protest. It is irresponsible for the police to use press conferences to ramp up the fear of violence – which in any case has in the past come overwhelmingly from themselves – thereby increasing the likelihood of it taking place.

Tactics such as kettling and horse charges have been used by the police before during November and December last year. They were brutal and inhumane, barely legal and counterproductive.

Young people in Britain are being betrayed. We are being told by a Tory govenment populated by millionaires, all of whom recieved their education for free, that we will face a future in which higher education is a luxury for the rich, and in which there is no welfare state, no pensions, and no jobs. Now we are being threatened with overwhelming violence when we seek to excercise our basic democratic rights.

We would like to publicly remind the Metropolitan Police that there will almost certainly be school children on the November 9th protest, as well as numerous disabled activists  – and we encourage all supporters to come to the national demonstration and show the authorities that we will not be intimidated from fighting for the future of our society.



  1. Ricky the Salmon says:

    It is ammunition for the enemies of the movement when poorly researched and badly spelled articles like this are posted in its name. Almost everyone in the country knows that this is a coalition government, not a Conservative one. They also know that many of the cabinet went to public school and that their education was therefore far from free.

    I would imagine a good proportion of those same enemies can spell “government” too.

  2. The Met police have clearly been taking advice from their Syrian counterparts – very scary and indicative of the fact that our democracy and right to free speech is in serious danger.

  3. Well said. Fantastic. To the point. SOLIDARITY

  4. I hope they use real bullets to stop your pathetic cause.

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