Electricians to join 9th November day of protest

It won’t just be students taking to the streets on Wednesday 9 November.

Electricians who have taken direct action across the country against a 35% pay cut will be holding a national demonstration too, organised by the Unite union.

Through protests, walkouts and flash rallies during recent weeks, sparks have been targeting eight companies trying rip up their working conditions and de-skill their profession.

Many of those protesting have been victims of the construction ‘blacklist’ which is illegally used by some companies to exclude trade union activists from getting work.

Their actions so far have caused one construction company to pull out of the new agreement, but there are seven more to go.

In a similar way to students last winter, electricians have organised from below, holding rank and file committees that can take action when their official unions are too slow to act.

 The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts stands 100% behind the sparks, and we want to work with electricians to make sure that our protests converge on the 9th November.

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