The Higher Education White Paper response: “we risk a permanent and potentially irreversible change to our society”

Luke Durigan, an NCAFC activist and Education and Campaigns Officer at UCL Union, has produced a comprehensive response to the government’s higher education white paper.

Click here to download the full response.

Press contact: [email protected], 0207 679 7949


The reforms can be broadly understood as a hurried and jumbled attempt at opening a market in the higher education sector; remodelling students as consumers and universities as service providers. The Higher Education White Paper is one of the most drastic and far reaching reforms proposed to any public service for decades.

The White Paper strikes a significant blow to access and social mobility. Their potential to impact on the most under-represented groups is overwhelming and cannot be ignored; the proposals threaten to strengthen a systemic bias and will reinforce a university education as a positional good reserved for the elite in society.

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