NCAFC supporters take action at Lib Dem Conference!

From NCAFC supporters in Birmingham:
“The “Traitors not welcome banner” that NCAFC-suppporting students have just dropped of the liberal democrat conference center in Birmingham is a statement against the policies of the Conservative – Liberal Democrat government that will leave a lasting scar on young people lives, education and the economy.

Every Lib Dem MP broke their pledge to vote against fees however, they now refuse to debate their shameful actions.

The Liberal democrat leadership is refusing to discuss or debate that they voted for 9k fees with their membership at conference. The Lib Dems refusing to discuss tuition fees at their conference shows their shameless disregard for the country, their members and the principles of democracy. But then we already know that the Lib Dems are nothing more than a circus of liars and sycophants.

During their fraudulent election campaign in 2010 every Lib Dem MP pledged to ‘fight against, campaign against, vote against’ an increase in tuition fees. Then when in power then many of them did the exact opposite and betrayed a generation. The fact that they are not even willing to discuss this with their members is frankly appalling.

The Lib Dems have shown their true colours: this government does not care about education, jobs or tackling poverty. If they did they would have never increased tuition fees or scrapped EMA. Instead they would prefer to make the rich richer at the expen

"Traitors not welcome - hate Clegg love NCAFC"

"Traitors not welcome - hate Clegg love NCAFC"

se of everyone else.

Join the TUC demo on Sunday the 18th of September at 11am at Granville Street Off Broad Street.
Get involved defending education, book NCAFC speakers to come visit your campus.”

“Traitors not welcome – hate Clegg love NCAFC”
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  1. James McAsh says:

    For the record, not every Lib Dem MP broke their pledge, just the vast majority of them.

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