‘Teenage Riot’ Part I

VICE’s TV production arm VBS.tv have put together a new film about the student protests entitled Teenage Riot. In the film VBS followed the progress of the largest period of civil unrest in England since the 80s, available in 5 parts all this week, the full length film will be available next week at VBS.tv. Check it out here


  1. penarlag says:

    Hi all!

    If you want a decent theme song or inspiring link to a video ahead of J30, try this one.

    There’s a singer called Steve Tilston who has been around since the early 1970s and his new CD has a great song on it called Nottamun Town Return, which is a nightmare vision of London from the perspective of the riots earlier on this year. There’s a movie on youtube here-

    Here’s Nottamun Town return


    Good luck from Ireland, where I live now- I’d be out supporting the strikes if I was still in Wales or England.

    Best wishes and solidarity.


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