Leeds students film violent attack on EMA protest


  1. Antipodean says:

    “Brutally”? Really? Wow, obviously UK protesters are a soft lot. Flock-Of-Seagulls wasn’t beaten and bloodied. He wasn’t even roughed up. He wasn’t even treated badly. He was simply handcuffed and walked (not even dragged) from where he was arrested and put in the back of the Police van and driven away.

    Be thankful that this took place in the UK and not, say… Spain. Or Egypt. Or China.

    I guess if there’s nothing genuine to complain about, you’re forced to manufacture outrage and indignation.

    The good news, I guess, is that by posting the video of the arrest, the Police can now use the footage to identify all the people that interfered with the arrest and charge them appropriately. Talk about an own goal!

    Publish this comment. Let’s see if you’re genuinely interested in open debate or you’re only interested in opinions that you agree with.

  2. sheilagh Armstrong. says:

    They seem to have rounded up all the mindless thugs and given them a police uniform and a liscence to assualt, bully and intimidate without consequence. The de Menses family can testify what happens when police selection fails to weed out violent psycopaths and then lets them act with impunity.

    We are becoming a police state and it scares me when they can kiill and assault people who are acting within the law and no one can do anything about it.

  3. Charles Jennings says:

    Seems that there was no real reason for that. Didn’t follow police instructions, gets arrested. Camera man swears and is offensive to officers. He was lucky not to be arrested himself.

    With that much provocation and the officers didn’t hit anyone?

  4. My god, if you “students” are the future of our country I truly,truly despair. Bunch of immature, spoilt brats, you should take a long hard look at your selves, get a job, stop sponging off us tax payers and stop crying when you get told that your behaviour is not acceptable by those trying to do their job. Ypu make me sick

  5. When are certain people of this country going to realise that you cannot just do what you want, when you want. There are rules, if not there would be anarchy, so when someone paid to enforce those rules, tells you not to break them then do it, don’t argue. If not accept the consequences and don’t start crying when you get caught out. Pathetic

  6. “so when someone paid to enforce those rules, tells you not to break them then do it, don’t argue.”

    yes, don’t question authority, go back to sleep and be a silent sheep, and make sure you consume enough goods to keep the rich people rich!

    also, we know full well that the people paid to enforce the rules _readily_ ignore them when it suits them, why should behave any differently?

    another, brighter, future is possible!

  7. I think some people got the “rules” wrong. WHO sets the rules, you must ask your self .
    Some ppl in this country CAN do what they want whenever they want. These are the bankers the royals and the businessmen.

    I hold people like you Rob accountable for all the poverty and injustice, for the fact that some ppl can have their needs satisfied (over-satisfied) and others can’t

    Also admins… there is no reason I think to allow fascist comments like this to exist in this site. I dont think ppl are allowed to vilify others who fight for their rights in the name of the freedom of speech

  8. James Margeson says:

    Is there any point trying to correct the dogma of the above comments? Probably not, but here we go anyway:

    a) Students do not need to get jobs. They have them.

    b) Civil disobedience is a legitimate tactic when faced with a government pushing a programme which was not put to the ballot box.

    c) The police do not need to contain and try to arrest peaceful civil disobedience. The most recent London protest went peacefully enough because the police didn’t try to stop it with force.

    d) Putting students in inverted commas doesn’t change who we are. We are the future engineers, scientists, business leaders, geologists, medics and so on that this country will need.

  9. Rob, it seems every that where there is footage of police brutality, or proof of government dirty tricks there is always some troll like you ready to jump in and obfuscate. How much do you get paid?, I could do with a job myself. How are all these students such a burden on the taxpayer when a) They end up in debt to the tune of over 10,000 pounds at todays prices and likely to rise to 21,000 if the slimeballs in power get their way and b) by achieving a degree they are the best candidates to lead our society forward in the future?

  10. @Charles: So its OK for the police to hit people as a response to verbal abuse, is it? I think you need to check the law of the land on that one.

  11. Cause it’s easy to get a job in todays ecnomoy is it Rob? We should just abandon education in order to get a job, do you have any idea what the economic impacts of such a thing would be? You probaly don’t.

    The guy was arrested with no charge stated, not that he did anything anyway.

    Also at the end the camera man had every right to take the officer’s number, something that he tried to prevent.

    If we have to follow laws and regulations then so do the police, something they seem to be ignoring at the moment. YOU make me sick ‘Rob’.

  12. Rob, Charles. Its not just the students that are being affected. Theres currently more than 2 million unemployed now in this country and that number is growing. If and when you lose your jobs, and i hope that never happens but if it does, lets see if your still singing from the same song sheet.
    Taxes keep going up and you migh say well its the rules, we have to make sacrifices to get ourselves out of this situation, but the fact is, Were spending billions anout pounds a year on a war we never wanted and the bankers are claiming bigger bonuses than ever.
    Can you honestly say thats right?
    They get ritcher and more people die while we just struggle on and ‘follow the rules’?

  13. By the way, I’m not a student.

  14. @Rob

    Meekly accepting everything the government does would eventually lead to dictatorship. The whole point of our system is that we are supposed to be able to protest. I don’t agree with violent protesting and yes, it’s given students a bad name and distracted from the problem which is to their own detriment. However, in the past people have been given the right and support to access higher education. It’s not a matter of ‘sponging off the taxpayers’. Students and their future careers are ideally to benefit the country as a whole. With these cuts and other movements by the Con-Dems, education is going to once again become a right of the rich meaning that our country is going to be run solely by the upper classes (even more so than it is now). It’s a huge step of regression back to class division. Is that really what you want for future generations?

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