Press Statement – Police Violence and Vote on Tuition Fee Increase

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts utterly condemns the violence inflicted on demonstrators by the police on the 9th of December national demonstration in central London and reiterate that the passing of the bill on the tuition fee increase will not deter, nor discourage future actions.

The coalition government managed to pass the tuition fee increase by 21 votes only – a sign of how weak the government is and that it can be beaten.  Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, suffered a huge blow to his leadership policies as 21 of his MPs rebelled against the tuition fee increase.

The resistance will continue in the new year. The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, as well as thousands of students across the country, will not give in until these cuts and fee increases are stopped.

Mounted police charging and ‘kettling’ of protesters are disgusting attacks on people’s right to protest and cannot be justified. The demonstration was militant but good natured as thousands assembled in Parliament square. The police adopted a hands-off approach until around 15.30h when ‘kettling’ began, followed by increasingly violent assaults on students.

The police attacked protesters, journalists and even a demonstrator in a wheel chair, dragging him across the ground. Many people were hospitalised and at the time of writing (23.30h) many people were still contained in Westminster, a cruel form of collective punishment for defying the government.


  1. i dont think the police would have been so ‘militant but good natured’ had previous protestors not thrown a fire extinguisher at them. this violent behaviour cannot be condoned nor tolerated and its made me ashamed of everyone who took part. tuition fees couldnt have been raised had labour not introduced them all these years ago… and now that party is condemning them? seems convenient if you ask me

  2. What do you expect? There is no democracy in this country. We have a Country headed by a Royal Family, backed by a House of Lords that still allows the the land owning Norman aristocracy to sit there, and a House of Commons stuffed full of Etonians. Further support from Free Masons, who have lodges attached to most notable private schools (no need to reveal membership, unlike the Trade Unions).

    You have a Labour leader that sees people as ‘Middle Class when they earn more than £26,000 a year…..what a blinkered vision! The rich will be able afford the fees without noticing, it will enshrine their continuing domination of Oxford and Cambridge. Yes its the ‘Middle Class £26k’s that will pay the heaviest price. All this whilst Bankers basic pay is increased to compensate for any control of bonuses.

  3. Iain Preston says:

    Are you thick as well as stupid? You lot were fortunate you didn’t get the living daylights pummeled out of you after your so called peaceful protest was fronted by cowards with balaclavas and masks. Cowards that cry to mummy after being kept in an area for several hours. The police should have used cs gas and water cannon on you lot – given you a right good soaking and let you freeze overnight. The vast majority of the public have no support for you and you’re too daft to realise it. Pissing on Winston Churchill, setting a tree on fire, smashing Top Shop, attacking the Royal Car, desecrating the cenotaph – your crap statement misses all of this (remember and tell mummy when she drops you off and picks you up in her 4×4). Never mind, you all got your 15 minutes of fame on youtube etc.. proud are you?

  4. The events in and around Parliament yesterday represent a watershed – not just for university students but for society at large. Higher education officially became a business and the present political process was shown to have less life in it than a dead parrot. Read full statement.

  5. Hang your head in shame Joana….. When i see people spraying grafitti on monuments of Winston Churchill and the cenataph i am afraid my sympathy and support stops immediately!!!! One lesson you should learn is that millions of people gave their lives to allow you to protest and you repay these people with a total lack of respect.
    The facts are that the violence and damage was caused by demonstrators. Be honest with yourself and at least condemn these mindless and disrespectful actions.

  6. James Gates says:

    I am not a student, but up until yesterday I was in support of the opposition to the increased fees. But after seeing the behaviour of some people and the terrible violence and vandolism to many historic buildings, you have now lost my support. Attacks on the Royal Family cannot be accepted as responsible or right. I would also add that your onesided view of blaming the police for the viloence, is wrong and I would ask you to go and stand in thier shoes and face a crowd of thousands of angry people. Our Police Force is not perfect but they have to deal with many difficult situations in todays society, and it is about time we stopped using them as an excuse for vilolence every time there is a demonstration. The fact that you refuse to acknowledge any blame at all for the events that took place yesterday is a sad day for the future generation. If you believe that vilolence will win this argument, then you have already lost. If your statement above is a true reflection of young students today, I fear for our future generation.

  7. Poor_Student says:


  8. You cant be for a cause until you see something you dont like and then be against it. That’s nonsense. You either think the trebling of fees is unfair or not- You either believe in something or you dont. Regardless of weather students kick off or not. As for Churchill and cenotaph. Obviously both should be respected, but the attack on these things was just anger and helplessness, manifesting themselves into violence within a contained space. It doesn’t take a genius to realise people aren’t actually trying to be disrespectful. The prince- wrong place wrong time. Who cares he’s had a plush life no no reason. I support the cause and hope for more larger protest in the future. now is not the time to back down. As for you Iain Preston you idiot. People have balaclavas as the police film these protests and try and monitor-like a police state. With regards for your disgust, I don’t know who you are, but wait until the coalition fucks you in the ass, see how you respond. I remember the last time the middle classes got stitched they all went mental and we had poll tax riots. This anger exists for a very real and sensible reason. Education and our children are the future of this country.

  9. Harriet bradley says:

    Dear joan a and colleagues. I was in London yesterday and witnessed no violent actions by protestors but saw some very aggressive policing in action. I am a veteran demonstrator and have not seen anything as bad as this before.

    I would never condone violence or vandalism but I do believe that the police deliberately stirred up trouble to discredit the demonstrators . There are of course as well a few thugs who turn up at all demos and like fighting with police. We should deplore such behaviour. The media coverage was very skewed, but I am afraid it will give fuel to those who hate students and put their own tax position is highest priority.

    From this point of view I think subsequent marches should be more carefully organized, with numbers of responsible stewards. It might be wise to liaise with the TUC and see if they can help with tis.

    Despite this I am behind you all the way, applaud your courage and ideals – ignore the ignorant fools who have made the adverse posts. No doubt they have fat wallets and big houses. The idea that the students who demonstrate have mummies with 4 by 4s shows their lack of understanding. Those kind of students were in the bars and nightclubs, not the streets.

    Don’t lose heart. Love and peaceu

  10. I am not a student, nor a graduate, and neither is my partner but we both headed to Parliament Square after work yesterday to offer our support to the protestors. We both work in low-paid public sector jobs. I am a Library Assistant at a neighbourhood library on a council estate in South London and my partner works with children and young people. We are witnessing first-hand the anger, outrage and despair of impoverished young people who are will no longer be able to study for A-Levels, thanks to this government’s axing of the EMA, yet alone consider spending £6,000 or even £9,000 a year to go to university. This government of millionaires is depicably out of touch if they believe that these measures will not have a dramatic effect on the educational aspirations and opportunities of the poorest in our society.

    I had previously bought into the press coverage that the ‘violence’ of the previous demonstrations had been caused by a small minority of extremists but not any more. My partner was assaulted by a police officer who was walking away from him and hit him in the stomach with his riot shield. When I attempted to take down the officer’s badge number, I was thrown to the floor by two riot policemen. I am 5’3 and weigh 7 stone. I did manage to take down the badge number thanks to the intervention of another police officer but it appeared to me that several of the officers had altered their badge numbers by removing digits so I’m not sure how much use it will be.

    Being witness to riot police charging groups of children and young people on their horses and forcing them onto a bridge where they were kept until late and night with no food, water or toliet facilities has led me to a different point of view. The police behaviour I witnessed and experienced was an absolute discrace and it’s no wonder people got angry and broke things. I now feel annoyed at the way the press continues to conflate ‘violence’ and ‘vandalism’. The only violence I witnessed was that perpetrated by the police upon protestors.

  11. Lewis Hodder says:

    A lot of you are angry at the apparent desecration of Churchill’s statue and the Cenotaph, but when kettled the for the amount of time that they were – what did you expect? No one to need to go to the bathroom or to stay perfectly calm?

    I was at the protests on Thursday, and I plan to go to future demos, luckily I escaped harm (narrowly, after having to run to avoid being trampled by mounted policemen). The coverage that I’ve seen on the BBC and ITV are incredibly biased against the students and their cause, only concentrating on the minority who fought for the sake of violence but conveniently disregarded the amount of police brutality towards innocent protesters.

    I’d like to see peaceful protests, as would everyone else, but I think the way to do that would be to sit. It may be difficult to get everyone to cooperate, but at least that way the people who are there to invoke violence will be easily distinguishable from the peaceful protesters and the police will have no excuse to attack as they have done previously.

  12. Police clearly changed tactics when they thought violence may occur very quickly – or was this preplanned anyway . . . i do not condone violence; . . . not everyone was violent so how can all be worthy of shame?
    . . . its not about left or right paradigms or fake middles . . . some people do not want to be ruled by those who consider them slaves and subjects – i am a sovereign human being i was born free not as a sheep to be herded . . . living in rough inner cities that are overcrowded and dent people basic land rights to roam and be at one with nature; where people face violence of this level on every corner . . . people crammed into tower blocks in scotland where land is vast around . . . kettled in there; how often are those harsh negativities really debated on tv or in parliament? Manipulation and mob violence extends far beyond anything we see that is stoked n such – a culture based on debt we are told is wrong then right then wrong – . . . the stress from any debt can be lethal. No-one is thick or stupid we are all different. Calling people names such as cowards . . . its all the same behaviour and people will justify it on each side. people being kept in cold conditions is no joke~ many will not perhaps even have much family. Humans are more important than statues. People using initiative to barter and trade and gain more is not wrong and neither is free education. Millions of people lost their lives because of manipulators who were greedy and seeked destruction for power. People have a choice to live free now it is a watershed. Violence was on both sides it seems. I fear for a generation that is being coralled and pressured in so many ways. Still a march has not been allowed to parliament ~ there has to be comprimise ~ i am proud of young peaceful people who frankly did what many people already drained by the system couldnt do which was to brave the risks and keep marching and call for peace.

  13. I really enjoy hearing comments from people that weren’t there. I just laugh, I really do. The kettling I’ve seen turns previously peaceful protests incredibly violent, and are people really that shocked? Trap a few thousand already angry students in a small space, and shout insults at them, and oh, what a surprise, some of them get angry. The majority of the violence I saw there was self defence anyhow. Here’s a good example for you… I saw a young protester, backed up against a van, told to move back, when he replied that he couldn’t, he was struck, then almost trampled by horses.
    I don’t see that as fair policing. I asked for medical assistance on behalf of a boy bleeding on the floor, and was ignored completely.. Even if you don’t agree with the violence, don’t brand an entire group as thugs, these people, by whatever methods, are out there fighting for the future of a whole generation of young people. If you think people are out there for fun, you are insane!
    I don’t remember the last time being shut in an area in the freezing cold was considered fun.

    “You lot were fortunate you didn’t get the living daylights pummeled out of you”
    I’d happily get the living daylights pummelled out of me for my future.

    “Are you thick as well as stupid?”
    Last I heard they were pretty much the same thing my dear. The irony is delicious.

    As a student studying politics, and someone who has always been politically aware and active, I am fully aware what the proposal entails, the comments made by certain people about students not knowing the details is rubbish to say the least. On these protests, speaking for myself, I have not once been violent, and I don’t necessarily agree with the vandalism, but can you all honestly say if you were being beaten on the floor, you wouldn’t hit back, and you’d stay calm?
    Bitch and moan all you want. Cameron and his little slave Clegg have fucked students over, and we aren’t gonna stop protesting any time soon. Better get used to it.

  14. Bobby Kahn says:

    By lobbing missiles at police, whacking horses and destroying property you lot aren’t doing yourself any favours. The public will hate you for it and have no sympathy for your cause. The so called anarchists amougst you should either grow up or go and live on a deserted island where you can put your way of life into action. The reason that you don’t is that you know it will never work. You’re a bunch of ignorant thugs.

  15. I have never seen such organised, brutal, indiscriminate police violence against people penned in who are unable to escape – and with so little justification. We are lucky no one was killed.

    I hope protestors will be so traumatised that they will be reluctant to continue to assert their democratic right to protest – and blame the violent demonstrators rather than the organised deliberate indiscriminate violence of the state – which has a moral duty to behave better than individual protestors – but who did not.

    I am by nature a peaceful protestor so all I can say is that I will be there so long as others are. If the police wish to use the violence of others as a pretext as violence towards me then I just hope the damage to my body is mendable because I don’t want to internalise oppression by staying away for fear of state violence. I want to protest because the violence this neo-liberal government is about to do our country needs to be prevented – we can not wait for the ballot box in 5 years time.

  16. Of course i meant to say ‘not so traumatised’.

  17. Walter Bishop says:

    Why do so many people keep referring to damage to property as violence? Damage to property is not violence!

    I’m also sick of the incredibly biased news coverage of these events, especially from the BBC.

  18. The lastofthe few says:

    I would stop all fees NOW
    3 years at uni on a course that could be done in one….joke
    Finish school at 16 and spend the next 4/5/6/7 years on the p+ss,what a life.
    water cannons sound good to me.
    Stop crying when the police hit you…its ok to hit them,but they cant hit back.
    why am i paying for you lot to get p+ssed and party.

  19. Maybe now that the fees have gone up some off you will have to leave school (uni) same thing, and get a job, wake up and smell the flowers ALEX.

    Your not getting fu&ked by the government, the Government are doing what the people of this country put them in power for. To reduce the debt which Labour put us in. That means no one can have it easy for a while including students. Why do you think you are exempt from everything?? A campaign against fees and cuts?? So what is your answer then, or anyone elses on this site??

    High taxes, well that will effect everyone, and the amount of debt which we have would not be paid by taxes. taxes make countries perform less, stops growth. look at Hong Kong. No income tax and growth over 10% a year

    Bank taxes wont bring anything in all you will do is force the banks to leave the country. Most of our income comes from the finance sector

    Hopefully now you will see that none of the country are behind you, graffiti property which are National Monuments. Disrespecting the War Dead and blaming being trapped. What rubbish I was their and I know that where the damage was, was not where the Kettle was. Trafalgar Square was an open space no kettling in by the police.

    if your claiming your innocent why didnt you leave?? The Police were allowing people out if you wanted to leave??
    Moaning that you couldnt have a mask?? How perfectic, if your innocent and protesting for something which you believe in why are you hidding? that is the law..Look it up Section 60

    I was their and i’m an office worker, i was their when i saw students throwing rocks, flares glass bottles etc at the police setting fires. At the end of the day they are people as well, they have children as well and they are doing a job to pay bills etc. So if you get a job one day you will realise that this is not the correct way of doing this.

    People will still goto Uni and they will still get degrees, but why do you think I should pay my taxes for you to act like that this. I did agree with you at one stage but not now… I would think that the tide is now turning against you………………….

  20. My son went to support student’s protest last Thursday. He was peaceful all the way taking pictures of the event. However, he was very upset because he and many others were kettled by the police and kept in freezing conditions without food, water and sanitary facilities. This in itself is a violation of human rights. A lot of publicity was made about Charles and Camilla going for entertainment at the time when our kids were being held hostage in inhumane conditions.

    If the media propaganda has managed to divert your attention from the real thing then you must have lost your own judgements long ago.

    It is sad to see that part of our hard earned money goes towards police gear which is then used against our own kids. It is known throughuot history that the police in the past used to protect the people from murders, thieves and from being injured. Yet, we see the police are causing injuries to ordinary people (many of them are children) and getting away with their crimes.
    Today, the police are turned into a revenue generating machine. This revenue is not for ordinary people though.
    There are many ways of solving economic crises and other issues if only the powerful elite put their ego aside and listens and works together with the people. Perhaps I am dreaming.

    There is a well known phrase: – “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”!

    Is that why the political elite don’t want the students to have education???

    Maybe we should just watch “Coronation Street”, East enders” and commercials… And let the world be more corrupt than it is already…

  21. Don't think so. says:

    “3 years at uni on a course that could be done in one….joke”

    Speak for yourself, mate. Try telling that to the lawyers, medics and historians of this world – oddly, I doubt that you know any. All off reading them books and treating them sick people and paying them taxes.

  22. I would just like to point out that in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it never says anywhere that higher education should be free, just accesible on the basis of merit. We can debate about whether these rights are justified or not, but ultimately it is the only standard we have for human rights, so claiming you have the right to free higher education seems a little naive.

    There is also this rather uninformed idea that this will affect people from poor backgrounds because of the debt they have to pay back; except you are completely forgetting, or ignoring, the fact that no student starts paying back there loan until they are currently earning 15 grand a year (moving up to 21 grand when the fees increase). How then would your poor background affect your abilitiy to pay back this debt when you are earning at least that amount? if someone could explain to me how then I would really appreciate it because there must be a reason so many people believe this…

  23. Don't think so. says:

    “ultimately it is the only standard we have for human rights”

    Oh. I see. Shame about the ECHR then.

    “claiming you have the right to free higher education seems a little naive.”

    Oh. I see. Never mind all the reasoned arguments for it which can be found. Incidentally – care to tell that to France?

    “How then would your poor background affect your abilitiy to pay back this debt when you are earning at least that amount?”

    As 21 grand is a pathetic amount of money these days, particularly if (as graduates are likely to) you live in London. Rich parents helping out goes a hell of a long way these days – if no rich parents are available, you’ll find people earning 22 grand being considerably poorer than those earning 20.

  24. The lastofthe few says:

    All of them earning 50/60/70+K a year Nice return on 15k…Poor stuidents ARRRRRRR

  25. 7 months into a ‘liberaal’ government and they are preparing the ground for water cannons. The need to get a ‘bigger gun’ just shows they have lost the argument.

  26. I find this whole education debate an insult if I am to be honest, I was not fortunate enough to have a free university education, why? because like the Government, I couldnt afford it.
    What did I do? I went and worked two jobs to afford to put myself through the Open University, no state handouts, no financial aid.. I worked for my future and my education.

    Now to the protests, you really did have my support (and probably the majority of the publics support too) until you occupied Millbank Tower, had a nice riot in London, followed by another riot, then attacking the future heir to the throne and then finally to totally oblitorate public support, you vandalise the Cenotaph and Winston Churchills statue – two monuments in this country that show our rememberance of the “Glorious Dead”. I love the fact that the Clare Solomon from the University of London Union points out on Newsnight “a few smashed windows cost nothing” – well yes they do and who pays for the replacement? – the taxpayer.

    Paul Thomas makes an excellent point – People will still goto Uni and they will still get degrees, but why do you think I should pay my taxes for you to act like that this.
    – I would also like to know, as a taxpayer like Paul – why I should pay my taxes to support you acting the way you did….

    Unfortunately you have lost public support in this matter…

  27. Dave,

    It is understandable to be angry about funding out your own pockets for the tuition fees.
    This is exactly what the Government is trying to do through the media propaganda. .. It is trying to divert your attention from the reality , which is the Government’s mishandling of your hard-earned money.

    Don’t forget that you are paying many other taxes as well… almost for everything which mainly feeds the banks, large corporations, MP’s expenses…
    Are you brave enough to complain about that?

    The Governments always try to blame someone else for their mistakes.
    Now its us, ordinary people, turning against each other.

    Today, you might be having a job and a roof over your head, so you might feel more or less secure. Tomorrow, there may be a different story.

    The problem is much deeper than you might think and it may become worse if we don’t find the solution.

    Meanwhile you might want to see this site.

  28. Don't think so. says:

    “All of them earning 50/60/70+K a year Nice return on 15k…Poor stuidents ARRRRRRR”

    All of them? How many teachers have you met who are on 50k?

  29. Robin Leslie says:

    The Tory agenda of privatising the State is an attack on our common humanity and a cruel betrayal of our
    heritage and tradition of democratic government. The demand for a minimalist State and voluntarist localism is a sacricial rite of neo-liberalism, literally killing people on the altar of money and power. The
    stategy is very clear now, as we are at an endpoint. The history of ‘democracy’ is littered with serial
    uprootings, the uprooting of people from their lands and the creation of dependent urban serfs, the uprooting of people from their cultural traditions, uprooting people from their minds through educational and curricular controls and now uprooting people from their collective and shared humanity.
    We will not tolerate the commercialisation of education, the narrowing of education to hard science,
    the marginalisation of humanities, so we will resist until education has become a Public Good, free to all
    at every level.
    If the police continue to emasculate protest by kettling protestors we must submit a charge against them to the European Court of Human Rights, I’m surprised that a case has not yet, apparently, been submitted. Furthermore on the matter of policing, how is it that there has been no identification of
    police plants, ‘agents provocateurs’ planted by the police to discredit the demonstration and to entrap protestors, a criminal offence if evidentially corroborated. Furthermore when the BBC (British Bullshitting Corporation) interviews student leaders and persists with questions about protestor violence, they should simply discuss police brutality. It is unlikely that any demonstration now will ever be free from a violent fringe, there is just too much ill-disciplined anger for that, extreme circumstances develop extreme responses. We are however in the vanguard of a movement to recover our common humanity, to restore the practice of the Common Good to British politics, so we must stick together and regard any attack on one of us as an attack on all.

  30. In regards to “Dont think so”‘s:
    “All of them earning 50/60/70+K a year Nice return on 15k…Poor stuidents ARRRRRRR”

    All of them? How many teachers have you met who are on 50k?
    – I think he’s talking about the fact that graduates typically earn more than those without degree’s…

    Robin – I am yet to see these student ‘protesters’ stand up and say “you know what.. we wont have anything to do with violence but instead, the “student” leaders like Clare Soloman say “a few broken windows cost nothing”… yeah ok thanks

  31. Dave
    “you have lost public support in this matter”

    Well, all I can say is that if the general public are ignorant enough to believe the propaganda they’ve been spoon fed with, then we should have no problem educating them in the months to come.
    Listening to some members of the public ranting on the internet forums makes me cringe at times, firstly they speak as if they represent the people (which they do not) and secondly the way they go on you’d think a few broken windows was going to double our national debt.
    The cleanup operation for the 9/12/10 demo was quoted as being £50K. About the cost of a single police car…could have been far far worse for a demo of upwards of 20,000 protesters.
    I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has posted that they fully supported the students until they saw Charlie Gilmour p*ssing on the Cenotaph or that other fella p*ssing on the Churchill monument. The fact that they would allow their views on such an important issue to be swayed by the actions of a couple youthful indiscretions in exception circumstances, just sums up how shallow minded these people are – frightening really. No wonder the world is falling to pieces.

  32. Victory – completely agree that the Government was at fault… The Labour Government that “ended boom and bust”… it was thanks to their complete mishandling of the economy and government finances to why we are in this mess.

    I notice that the head of the student union is a member of the Labour Party, could that be why no one is angry with that party? everyone seems to be angry with this coalition government to which i do not know why, this is the only Government of recent years to have the courage to push through tough proposals..

    I am not a well paid banker or a Tory millionaire however I am a member of the public, i’ve wanted a degree level education but as i said before, i wasnt fortunate enough however this scheme seems a lot more fair to me; -no upfront costs, pay when your earning over the national average salary… yes the MAXIMUM is £9,000 buti very much doubt every university will be charging that…

    And again, back to my original comment – why does everyone need a degree education?

  33. The lastofthe few says:

    Bring on the Water………..

  34. What shall we do about the police violence?

    1. Dont approach police lines chanting, screaming and throwing missles.
    2. Dont set fire to Security Offices
    3. Dont try to break into HM Treasury
    4. Dont throw fire extinguishers from the top of buildings
    5. Dont attack police horses
    6. Dont set fire to public property such as benches
    7. Dont spray paint public property
    8. Dont spray “NO” across the grass on Parliament Square
    9. Dont bring hard hats, cover your faces or bring paint bombs
    10. Protest within the law.

  35. In regards to “why does everyone need a degree education?”.


    In my opinion, with progressed technology over the years, young people today are pressurised in to having jobs which require certain degrees and qualifications.
    10-20 years ago it was easier to have a job requiring non of the above.

    Those who feel it is unjust to support education should also feel that it is unjust to support those who apply force up on their employment, housing, inheritance, health and other basic human rights.

    Iy is pity that some just can’t see it. May be the Government does not like the idea of KNOWLEDGE being as POWER!!!i so it is cutting the fees.

  36. In regards to Robin Leslie.

    I absolutely agree with every point you’ve made.

    If only there were more people with your understanding, would the World be a better place to live in.

    We need to bring the corruption down before it is too late. But we need some more brains and we need to stay united.

    If you Google “Britain’s black human rights record” you will find a sentence which says: state-run BBC, refused to publish the news of the police’s assault on the students.

    May be there are other ways apart from demonstrations as Britain has turned in to “Police State” and it is the brave and innocent people who end up suffering and not the police. In fact the Police continue to protect their criminal activities against ordinary citizens and get away with it…

  37. Victory – I return to my original point that i had several jobs and put myself through an open university course… i worked hard to do well for myself and didnt ask the state to help me.

    I dont see why people expect others to pay for their education when the country’s economy was ruined by Labour and yet students seem to love Labour at the moment despite their mishandling of the economy getting us in this mess.

  38. In regards to Dave says:

    I worked very hard too, beyond anyone’s imagination and so has my son since he was 17 (6 years ago).

    We now live in different times.

    I’d also like to make a point regarding Labour ruining this country’s economy.
    The Labour didn’t actually ruined the economy. Any Government that was in power in the past had a role to play. It was just a matter of time before the Government’s incompetence has been exposed . It has become even more apparent when the Coalition Government has made it through.

    My be you work so hard that the only thing you see is what the BBC wants you to see.

    If you have time to do some homework there are some sites you might like to see to begin with:
    1. Zeitgest movement.
    2. The Venus project.

    I hope this would open your eyes on some of the topics you are interested in.

  39. In regards to Dave says:

    The sites I’ve mentioned in my last comments are for general purpose only. There are some points I disagree with but the idea itself may not be bad.
    There are some other sites which have done a lot of researches on various topics which may be a bit closer to the topic you are interested in.

  40. The lastofthe few says:

    Can i do a 5 year degree in water cannon shooting.
    I have had a look on da interweb and as yet no vacancies.
    I Could just turn up with a big jet wash…….Don’t forget to let me know where you are rioting – sorry, I mean protesting.

  41. @ don’t think so.

    1. well i thought that something universal would have a little more authority than something european, but ok maybe we can look at the echr, and we’ll find that it says almost exactly the same regarding education as the udhr.

    2. if you can provide reasoned argument to show it is a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT on equal terms as, say, your right to life or your right to freedom of expression, then i will eat my words. and yes i would happily tell that to france, because it is not a right, it is a privilege. they are lucky that their government can still afford to pay for their higher education. unfortunately we are not.

    3. well perhaps i was a little naive there to think that most graduates would have the dignity not to take money from their parents after they have graduated. sometimes i am a bit too optimistic about people.

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