PRESS STATEMENT: Met scaremongering ahead of tomorrow’s London protests

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is concerned about the latest press release by the Metropolitan Police, which could discourage many students and other members of the public from taking part in tomorrow’s protests against the tuition fees rise.

We have met with the Metropolitan Police several times in order to coordinate the march to Westminster and have been helpful and forthcoming with information about the number of students expected and the route.

  • It is unacceptable that, in a democratic nation like ours, that elected politicians can turn their backs on promises they made.
  • It is worrying that, consequently, governmental institutions like the Met, proceed to restrict protests against such politicians via scaremongering and alarmism.

With several thousand students travelling to London to protest, it is the Metropolitan Police’s duty to engage with citizens andfacilitate non-violent protests. However, the latest statements by Commander Bob Broadhurst, head of the Met’s Public Order Branch, resemble rather scare tactics that tendentially lead to misinformation and silence the public.

We encourage parents, guardians, teachers and all other members of the community to join us in the march on Thursday, 9th of December 2010.

We encourage all to take an active role as stewards, guarding both younger children, as well as the democratic right of future generations to protest in this country.

We hope to see a more positive and cooperative attitude from the Metropolitan Police on their future public statements.


  1. It is quite clear that Commander Broadhurst wants a fight. Don’t give him a fight, give him the run around! 😉

  2. Martin Costal says:

    I do not see the problem with this press release from the MET. I have been at the previous protests and I have seen “hooligans” there with the sole intention to cause disorder and violence. They have no interest in the issue of student tuition fees. The MET are only stating that you are putting yourself at risk as a peaceful protester if you stand next to some scumbag who is being aggressive towards the police line. The police line is there to protect public property and try to maintain order. Violent protests are totally unacceptable and we all should disassociate with these “hooligans” when we see them on our marches.
    The MET so far have on the whole done a good job, our quarrel is not with the MET or their kettling practices. These procedures are annoying, I totally agree with that, but they are necessary to protect public property. It is a fact of our demonstrations that there will be a minority there who want to cause damage, violence and are there “just to fight”. Because of this we all pay the price, a price however that sadly needs to be paid. The only way we get around this is as a group we show the police who these troublemakers are and get them arrested on the day asap. Then our protest would continue without kettling etc. The reason they kettle us is because there is a minority in our midst who want to cause havoc and destruction and therefore the police have to hold up the entire protest to prevent this damage spreading.

  3. Vocational Students are less likely to get jobs where they will be able to earn the money to pay the loan back, therefore only people prepared to prostitute themselves in criminal corporate employment to earn sufficient money will get an “education”.

    This puts an unacceptable bias on higher education towards CORPORATE CRIMINAL UUEDD, and away from VOCATIONAL TRAINING which the BRITISH PEOPLE WILL NOT LIKELY TOLERATE . . .


    what is THE ONLY UNLIMITED RESOURCE IN THE WORLD ? (clue: it is man-made!)


    MONEY !


    I hope that Prince Charles makes a statement that he AGREES with the sentiments of the students, whatever he may feel about their actions. . .

  4. It is unacceptable that, in a democratic nation like ours, that elected politicians can turn their backs on promises they made.

    – to be honest, they havent… the Liberal Democrats made that pledge if they got into Government…. they arent in Government, they are in a coalition government where they have to realise the country is in a massive amount of debt and can no longer afford to give everyone a degree level education…

    I couldn’t afford to go to university, do you know what I did? I got three jobs so I could put myself through the Open University…

  5. Lucky you…for being able to have three jobs. How long ago was that?
    In a few weeks 100,000 jobs will be lost according to media.
    Can you see yourself as being one of them? May be you will be taking to the streets soon too?…

    Regarding Nick Clegg.
    I agree that he wasn’t elected. It was so upsetting for him, he did not have another choice but elect himself as part of Coalition Gov. He, with the help of other unelected politicians, is now free to decide everyone’s future.

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