Stop the tuition fee increase! Join the march on parliament 9 December

This Thursday, 9 December, tens of thousands will come to London to march on parliament as the tuition fee increase is being discussed and voted on. School, college and university students will be joined by supporters from across the country to take a simple message to the government: “no to fees, save EMA”. This protest will be massive – make sure you come along and join NCAFC and other student campaign groups in our opposition to the cuts agenda of the Condem cabinet.

The protest will be starting from University London Union (ULU) on Malet street, gathering at 12 and setting off shortly afterwards. Bring whistles, coats, food and gloves!

If you cannot come to London then organise protests in your local area. Go to town halls, target tax dodging shops on the high street (Vodaphone, Topshop) and shut them down for the day.

Join the facebook group http://www.facebook.comevent.php?eid=136567579732280


  1. Me and some friends are hoping to get down to march on Thursday but we had lots of problems finding any information about student action this week and contradictory reports (some saying that the march would be Wednesday, others Thursday, sometimes both days…) so if anyone could link me to somewhere reliable that would be fantastic.

    Also: the facebook link at the bottom of this article doesn’t work.


    thats another link to the fb page (should work)

    the big(ger) protest and march is tomorrow (thurs) and will be starting from University London Union (ULU) on Malet street, gathering at 1.

    From there I believe the march goes down the Strand to Trafalgar Square and on to Parliament Square.

    There are are many actions and protests throughout today involving students and workers a like, mainly at peoples own uni’s in the form of occupations but also other actions. The national meeting being tomorrow.

    hope that helps

  3. dr jonathan paige says:

    you need to add a slash (/) after the .com in that link.

  4. so, as a bunch of people who are somewhat responsible for the damage caused, the attacks on buildings and people ( inc the royals, even tho i am not a royalist, it is dispicable that they were targeted) are you going to be responsible in paying some money to the government for the cleanup, or maybe fees should be increased to cover this anyway. i am apalled, and i beleive in free speech.

  5. Gail, Buildings are fair game in most protests and riots.

    I don’t agree with the attack on Charles and Camilla though that was way too bullish and in a boxing match that would be ruled, below the belt stuff.

    Pushing police lines back is ok though but pulling police off horses is also way too heavy for me, could kill someone doing that.

  6. Luke richardson says:

    Explain to me why it’s wrong to ask students to pay for their education?! Surely the financial burden is an extra incentive for students to succeed!! Also is it fair that someone on minimum wage has to pay for someone elses education!! We are in a recession after all!!

  7. bob, fair game?? seriously!! and who ultimately has to pay for that do you think? are you so naive that you think the government will, or the people who own the buildings. we do ultimately, the public, people who use those facilities, or live in the area, or people who shop maybe at some shops that get damaged. and i agree with luke who asks why students shouldnt pay for thier education. and hey if they have to pay it back, good. they dont have to pay back until they earn 21k, and then after 30yrs its written off-why the hell should it be. i wouldnt be surprised if the generation who want something for nothing decide not to get a job that pays over 21k so they dont have to pay it back, although hopefully they have some sense (not that i have seen any recently) that they go to university to get a good job that pays well.

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