D Day!

This is IT people! The day has come!

The date for the parliamentary vote on fee increases has been announced!


We all need to start mobilizing, organizing, publicizing… the works!

Talk to your student unions, guilds, societies so you can come on a coach down to London and make some noise at Parliament!

They wanted big society? They’ll see big society!

Bring your friends, family, lovers, brothers, carers.
Bring your nan and your neighbours, bring noise and creativity!

Let us know if you need help organising people to come down (or up) to London.


(more info HERE)


  1. Danny Hopley says:

    I’m not sure if I will be able to make it to London, is there one going on in Manchester?

  2. Have you seen this? from the website of Iain Pears


    And already there have been suggestions that this be taken one stage further, that the government might try to raise money by selling off the student loan book — George Osborne mentioned this as a long-term aim in his last budget (Guardian 22 June 2010).



    12.51pm: Osborne says there will be no further cuts in capital spending.

    He says the government will look to sell some assets, like the student loan book.

    It probably means that they want some kind of subprimes with the student debt, which is indeed oof excellent financial quality with a 3% real term interest rate.

  3. Will we have another protest this weekend then? Or will you keep the sat 11th dec date?? Please confirm, thanks!

  4. I could really do with some help to get my college (orpington college) to allow students and staff to join us on the 9th dec 2010.
    The college are not supporting us on any of the days of action and i really don’t know what else i can do.

  5. If people can’t get to London on 9th, they could organise something in their own area, targeting local politicians, for example.

    I also think we could have a big push on getting solidarity walkouts of workplaces, esp. councils, even if it’s just for the lunchhour. And if you are doing that, tell the local press and take a picture. The workers can boost the morale of the students, and the students can boost the morale of the workers.

    I am going to try to organise something along those lines in Barnet, and then get down to Parliament for the afternoon.

    Vicki, Barnet TUC

  6. Good we need more action, I’ll bring as many as I can.

  7. Nighthood says:

    Is it the 9th or the 8th? Everywhere I’ve seen seems to say the 9th, but the Guardian said it’s the 8th. http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/dec/02/fourth-student-protest-fees

  8. i am trying but is there any sort of group near kennicott (kevicc sixth form) that can help to arrange a bus to london?

  9. Could you knock up a poster?

  10. Nighthood: for some reason the NUS want to call one on the 8th and then do a mass lobby (and probably lighting 9000 candles or something else fairly useless) on the 9th.

  11. Hiya is there anywhere we can get help/funding to put on a coach from my sixth form as lots of people can’t afford the ridiculous train prices?

  12. student birmingham says:

    Me and my friends are in the process of planning a protest in birmingham for 8th/9th or 10th december, but we need help in making sure we do it correctly, peacefully… if anyone can help please email me

    [email protected]

    as i feel the more of us that do it in our own areas the more it will support the situation as a whole… this is our time to express our concerns and make our voices heard …. this will affect the future of all perspective students… so lets stand together and fight for our rights.

  13. mum bristol says:

    I notice people wanting help to organise, do a local protest, get a coach. I feel the same way and I have been going round asking for help. It is frustrating but I think we have to keep trying to sort things out – there is just so much going on – and it is not highly organised. I am going to try and go to the demonstration tomorrow and get a coach ticket to London.

    The thing is we have to organise for the long-term. It can’t all end on the 9th. We have to fight the implementation of the plans.

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